The hair is definitely one of the most important parts of the body and without it, the person, be it a male or female tends to lose beauty and looks. With lush hair on your head, you will be able to maintain different types of style and change your personality to be admired by the others. Unfortunately, hair fall is becoming quite common these days and people are found to lose about 100 hair strands a day. If it is not taken care of and the loss is stopped, then you are sure to become bald over time. Once baldness sets in, there is no recovery and although science has advanced, there is no complete remedy from baldness.

If you happen to notice thick hair bunch on your brush or comb, it is considered to be the very first sign of thinning and you need to think about taking adequate precautions to stop further hair loss. You can choose the best Ayurvedic oils for thick hair like kesh 999 that acts like a savior and protector of hair.

Hair loss: Know the major causes

Hair loss is normally experienced by everyone. But, if the case is extreme, then it is definitely a genuine reason for concern. It is important on your part to understand some major concerns, so as to take the right action to stop further hair thinning and fall.

Some top causes for hair loss among women
  • PCOS (Poly-cystic ovary syndrome): It is common in females, causing few hormonal imbalances, thereby resulting in severe hair thinning.
  • Thyroid problems: It is also stated to be the largest endocrine organ in the human body, generating hormones to manage the digestive system. If the organ under or over delivers the hormones, then it can lead to hair loss.
  • Scalp infections: In scalp, the common infection that takes place is ringworm. It creates mass baldness in ugly looking patches.
  • Alopecia Areata: This condition results in severe female pattern baldness, while causing complete baldness in extreme cases. Using the best ayurvedic hair oils for hair growth and thickness will boost hair growth and curb its further falling.
  • Birth control pills: They are cited to be among the major reasons for hair fall issues in women. if you have a history of hair thinning and loss among women in your family, then you should avoid such medicines and consult your doctor.
  • Pregnancy: Some ladies might experience varying hormonal changes, cited to be a major cause for female pattern baldness. In case, sufficient amounts of minerals and vitamins are not consumed, then it will lead to hair fall.
  • Hair styling: Changing hair styles frequently to experiment will only make the air to become frail and fragile. Straightening and heat styling is better avoided. If the profession or your passion requires frequent hair styling, then support it with the right type of quality hair items. ayurvedic oil for hair thickness like Kesh 999 can be a wonderful choice to enhance your hair growth and make it strong and thick. Choose conditioners and shampoos with great care.
  • Poor diet: Always include plenty of Vitamin E and protein to your diet as it helps to nourish your body and hair. If such items are absent in the food, then it will only lead to hair fall. Consume healthy and fresh green vegetables and lean eat and avoid junk foods of all types.
  • Extreme stress: Hair loss is often caused due to stress, even in women. if you are facing issues with spot baldness or hair thinning, then you can try out ayurvedic hair oil like Kesh 999 and also consult your doctor to avail reliable and effective solutions to all your troubles.
  • Chemotherapy: This is a treatment process that is performed upon those people suffering from cancer of all types. Patients are given heavy medications that only cause spot or entire baldness. It is necessary for such people to consume protein and vitamin rich food to stay healthy.
Regain hair strength and length

How to get long and thick hair? This is one of the most commonly and asked question by men and women across the globe, irrespective of their age. It is the desire of every woman to have long, thick, silky hair, while every gentleman imagines of having voluminous and soft hair. But increasing pollution, stress and tension has become the major reason for extreme hair fall. Although there are several hair treatments available, not all of them are reliable or are found to be extremely expensive. Even after undergoing costly hair treatments, not much results are noticed.

Use the Best Ayurvedic Oils for Long and Healthy Hair

Ancient scriptures have clearly stated the importance of Ayurvedic products and how to stop hair fall. You should use products like Kesh 999 which on regular application eliminates various types of irritation on the scalp and boosts natural hair growth. Also, it does not come with any kind of side effects and is completely safe to be used by anyone.

About Kesh 999

This natural hair oil has been created with natural ingredients and herbs to promote healthy, strong, lush hair. This processed herbal oil does help to make the hair shiny, silky and long the major benefits derived from this product is it stops further reduction of hair and also prevents hairline thinning in women and men. It also eliminates itching that is commonly seen on the scalp region and its antifungal properties combats dandruff. It is cited to be an excellent remedy to treat split ends and prevents premature hair graying while promoting hair growth and revitalizing dormant follicles in the hair.

To strengthen and moisturize the root hairs, the oil is to be applied generously on the scalp. Then it is to be gently massaged onto the hair roots for few minutes using fingertips. This boosts blood circulation within the scalp and offers calm to the mind and relaxed sleep. The oil is to be left overnight for better absorption and the next morning is to be washed using herbal shampoo.

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