Cure Your Coughing Problem with Honey and Tulsi Torex Cough Syrup

A cough is an immediate reflex action of the body which helps in clearing the airway from irritants. The nerves present in the airways become stimulated with the help of allergens, medical conditions, and medications which result in the expulsion of air directly from the lungs. There can be several causes of the cough. It can be because of the allergens like dust, irritants like pollution, smoke, and fumes of chemicals, perfumes, and medical conditions like cold, flu, asthma, and many more. To treat this, usually, people go with the option of Torex cough syrup with honey.

 The cough is of many types. The dry one can be because of allergies or the viruses; the wet cough is basically caused because of the cold or flu virus or pulmonary chronic disease. The chronic cough is one that usually lasts more than two weeks and is caused by heart diseases, lung-related diseases, or the whooping type of cough.

Usually, mild cough can be treated at home with the help of various home remedies. Some of them have been mentioned as follows:

  1. The person suffering from cough must stay hydrated all the time as it will help in thinning the mucus. In case a person drinks liquid at night-time, then the chances and severity of cough are reduced significantly. This can also help the people to deal with symptoms of flu and cold.
  2. The person can also take a hot shower or can face the bowl with boiling water by placing a towel over the back. This will help to inhale the steam. One must stop immediately if one feels uncomfortable.
  3. People can also use a humidifier which will help in loosening the mucus.
  4. Cough drops or lozenges can be used as a remedy to treat the throat.
  5. People can do gargles with salt water as it will help in clearing the mucus from the throat. This will help in clearing the throat and will also provide relief in the cases of the bad throat. One must avoid this option in the case of children as they will be unable to gargle and, in this way, consuming this can be dangerous.
  6. One can use an extra pillow which will help in elevating the head at night.
  7. The people suffering from cough must avoid smoking and consuming alcohol.
  8. Inhaled irritants must also be avoided like pollutants and dust.
  9. One can go with the option of using honey as it will help in suppressing the cough. This can be taken in the form of tea by mixing honey with 2 tablespoons of water and having it 2 times every day. This is one of the best methods which can be adopted by both adults as well as children.
  10. Ginger tea can also be used which will help in soothing the throat inflammation. Approximately 30 grams of ginger can help in solving the purpose. The slices of ginger are to be added to the hot water to prepare tea. One can also add lemon juice or honey to this drink to make it more refreshing and tastier.
  11. The person suffering from cough can also use the vaporizer rub on the chest which will help in breaking up the mucus.
  12. Mint can also be added to the tea which will help in loosening the mucus in the lungs.
  13. Menthol is another thing that is found mostly in the lozenges and cough syrups which helps in soothing the cough.
  14. Licorice root is another thing that will help in soothing the cough.
  15. If apple cider vinegar is mixed with honey and consuming it will also help in having thin mucus.
  16. Turmeric will also be very helpful in easing the digestive problems if the cough is because of it.
  17. Chicken soup is also very helpful in easing the symptoms of respiratory infections.
  18. Last but not the least, chocolate can also be used to control cough.
  19. Marshmallow root is another remedy that can be used by people in the treatment of cough. One can add hot water to the root of the marshmallow and then allow it to cool down before consuming it. This can be bought from both the online as well as offline platforms.
  20. Stress is another thing that must be avoided by people and one must go with regular exercise and meditation.

 Getting rid of night-time cough:

A lot of people face cough related problems at night. This is because of the acid from the stomach which backs up into the throat. One has to come up with various strategies which can be used to ease the night-time cough and are mentioned as follows:

  1. All the things which are required must be kept near the bed like a glass of water and medicine. These can be highly helpful in providing immediate relief at night.
  2. One must avoid using air freshener sprays in the bedroom where one is going to sleep.
  3. One can consult the doctor in severe cases, and he will prescribe various medications.

 When to see the doctor?

Usually, the cough is not that serious that it will require proper attention from the doctor but in severe cases, one has to visit the doctor. Following are the symptoms when one must visit the doctor:

  1. When the person has a fever more than 101F.
  2. When the cough is combined with blood.
  3. When there is shortness of breath.
  4. When there is difficulty in swallowing.
  5. When there is a loss of appetite.
  6. When one faces a huge weight loss.
  7. When there is excessive production of the mucus.
  8. When there are chest pain and fatigue.
  9. When there is the problem of weakness and night sweats.
  10. When the cough is getting worse than normal days.

These symptoms can be serious and such conditions must require treatment by a doctor. Hence, one must visit the doctor as soon as possible in all such cases. Another option is to go with Torex cough syrup. This is a syrup made from the ayurvedic-based formulation which is very much successful in providing relief from cough. It is based upon 20 herbs and can be consumed by people from all age groups. To see the best results, one must take it with a glass of lukewarm water. The syrup can provide relief from all types of cough.

The syrup is available in the quantity of 100 ML and it must be stored in a cool and dry place. The recommended dosage for children is one teaspoonful and for adults is 2 teaspoons and can be taken approximately four times a day with lukewarm water. The syrup can provide proper relief from chest congestion. It has various herbs like vasa, sunthi, draksha, jatiphal, kali mirch, aamlaki, kantkari, tejpatra, shati, madhu, haritaki, nawsadar, vidanga, kulanjan, and many more which helps in solving the various respiratory complications. These herbs have a soothing effect on the throat and are considered to be very essential in the treatment of cough. They are well known for boosting the immune system and preventing the body from various allergic reactions. 

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