April 1, 2019

About Amla

It is part of the Euphorbiaceae family and is found in abundance in thickly, wet forested hilly regions of
India. The Hindus consider this tree to be pious and sacred. Its fruit is highly nourishing and is consumed
in dried and raw form. It is sour and bitter in taste. People love to consume it because of its varied health
Amla also known as ‘Indian Gooseberry’ is a popular fruit that is endowed with numerous amazing health
benefits. This fruit is known to be very rich in Vitamin C content and is known to neutralize action on
gastric acids, improve nutrient absorption, nourishes the brain, fortification of liver, enhances mental
functions, maintains hair, skin, muscle, heart and the reproductive system along with others.
Amla benefits
Amla is a chief ingredient used in Ayurvedic medicine. The reason is that it is found rich in medicinal
properties. It also eliminates toxins accumulated in the body and maintains vitality, youthfulness and tone
of the body. At the same time, free radicals are also eliminated, while slowing down ageing process.
Excess heat is also removed from the body, thereby helping to maintain optimum temperature.
Rich in Vitamin B & C: There are numerous vitamins and minerals in amla like vitamin B
complex, iron, phosphorous and calcium. It has higher amounts of anti-oxidant properties.
Oxidative damage to body cells results in various types of body ailments. Being a powerful
antioxidant, it can efficiently and effectively repair such damages. Hence, it is termed to be a
fabulous medicine to treat various ailments including cancer.
Improves calcium absorption: Its ability to improve calcium absorption is considered to be a
crucial health benefit. As calcium is among the vital components required by the body, including
the nails, teeth and bones, consuming amla on a regular basis is sure to make the person look
smart and much younger. It also provides shiny, thick hair and improves hair pigmentation and
hair growth, while preventing premature hair loss.
Eyesight: Amla juice when mixed with honey can improve eyesight significantly. It can provide
remedy for cataract and short sightedness. This is derived by reduction of intra-ocular tension,
which is because of its abundance in carotene content. It can also combat age related eyesight
degeneration and night blindness.
Control diabetics: It is a wonderful source of chromium and hence, therapeutic to treat diabetes.
It also stimulates insulin secretion in liver and fights diabetes effectively. With blood sugar
reducing, more glucose is used by cells and allows improved metabolism. This helps the person
to feel energetic on consumption of amla.
Improve cholesterol: It improves heart healthy through removal of excess cholesterol build-up in
blood passages and heart muscles. It also reduces risk of heart attacks and strokes.
Amla is very much beneficial to oxygenate body tissues to prevent degeneration. They rejuvenate to
become healthier and fresher. Hence, it can be safely stated that consumption of amla on a daily basis will
help the person to stay healthy, fit and happy.

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