Kutki: a tonic for liver health, weight management, & detoxification

Health is the most critical asset that we have. There is a strong need to keep a check on this asset if you want to use it in the future. When we ignore taking care of our health and body, we start facing different health-related problems. Every organ of our body is essential and is playing its function. But they are not functioning independently; instead are dependent on other organs. The liver also plays multiple functions, and its functions depend on other organs too.

Facing problems with indigestion, constipation, fatty liver, accumulation of toxins, etc., are even inviting more health issues. Our body must follow a cycle of natural detoxification so that the harmful ones can be removed automatically. This can be done with the help of herbal syrup LIV 13 by Torque Ayurveda. It includes many herbal ingredients that are helping our body in so many ways. From boosting metabolism to improving our liver’s health, this syrup is helpful. One of the essential ingredients of this ayurvedic syrup, Kutki, is loaded with many benefits. 

The Kutki is known with many other scientific names and is a famous ingredient for our liver. Kutki is bitter but is a natural solution for many health problems, including fever, diarrhoea, liver problems, etc. You must know the health benefits of Kutki, a powerful herb:

  • Managing your weight: Kutki is known to be beneficial in managing your weight. This means if you are working on losing weight, this ingredient can be magical. It can boost the metabolism level that will facilitate easy food digestion and absorption. The digestive fire within our body is increased and results in managing weight. You will be able to cut down your fat with the help of this syrup as your digestion process will be smoother, and metabolism will be quicker.
  • Reduces fat accumulation: When the harmful toxins accumulate in our body, they form fat. There is a need to cut down those fat accumulated toxins for better weight management. LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup helps cut them down for a faster metabolism. 
  • Better food digestion: If your body cannot digest food properly, you will be facing many digestion-related issues. It is imperative to have faster and easy digestion. Kutki helps promote the digestion status and also helps the body in smoother bowel movement. People who are facing low digestion also experience the problems like constipation or gas. But Kutki is known to be beneficial in reducing the problem of gas and constipation. The food will be digested quickly, so you don’t have to face the heaviness in your body. 
  • Natural fever medicine: Kutki is also known to be a natural fever remedy that you must try. It helps in soothing the problem of fever. It contains properties like antipyretic that will balance the body temperature. It will cool down your body so that you can get relief from fever. 
  • Improves liver functioning: Our liver will function properly when our body experiences high metabolism, natural detoxification, etc. Our liver must secrete the bile to function correctly. Kutki is good at supporting our liver and also reducing liver enzymes. It acts as a protective shield to our liver when it gets damaged or hurt when we take bad things, including cigarettes or alcohol. 
  1. Natural cleanser: The Kutki is a natural cleanser for our liver that will wash away the toxins. LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup includes Kutki. This means it will be the perfect choice for the natural cleaner. It detoxes the liver and gallbladder for better functioning. 
  2. Smooth flow of bile: The bile flow will be smoother with the help of Kutki. It supports our liver and helps in the flow of bile. 
  • Controls diabetic: This natural herb possesses properties that are anti-diabetic or control the blood sugar levels. The problem of diabetes will be managed with the help of lower glucose levels. You can take Kutki with warm water and add some turmeric to the mixture to control sugar. LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup helps prevent diabetes as the natural herb present in it helps do so. 
  • Protects our skin: It offers natural detoxification that is good for our skin health. Our skin may face many infections like bacterial, fungal, inflammation, etc. But LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup helps protect your skin from all such infections. It will also remove toxins that are causing skin-related problems. Natural blood purification is facilitated with this syrup that will keep the skin issues aside. It helps in preventing the skin issues like blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, sunburn, etc. It also protects your skin from skin diseases like psoriasis. 
  • Easy healing of wounds: Kutki is known to be a natural healer of wounds. It possesses properties that will heal the wound or other infections faster than ever. It also contains antioxidants that are good for your skin’s health. It will heal your infections or other wounds on the skin quickly. 
  • Good for our heart: Bitter things are always beneficial, and that is why Kutki, a bitter taste herb, is so good for our body. Kutki is also known to be good for our heart’s health. It reduces the chances of heart damage and also builds up the heart muscles stronger. It helps manage the cholesterol level in the body that will, in turn, control the risk of heart failure. 
  • Solves respiratory problems: The problem of cold, cough, sore throat, etc., also come under respiratory issues. The Kutki is known in contains anti-asthmatic properties that will help fight against respiratory issues. Kutki will solve respiratory problems like congestion in the chest, formation of phlegm in the chest, cough, sore throat, etc. The problem of bronchitis is also treated with the LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup. 
  • Reducing the risk of ulcers: The problem of ulcers is becoming common nowadays, and the reason can be many. The ulcers can be the peptic, mouth, or gastric ulcers. They also cause inflammation that can be reduced with the anti-inflammatory properties in Kutki. The anti-ulcers properties are also there that prevent or eliminate the risk of ulcers.

These are some of the benefits of the Kutki herb that is bitter and pungent in taste. You don’t have to search for this herb separately, as found in the LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup by Torque Ayurveda. The above benefits show that the best herb Kutki for liver problems, can be used to keep your liver and other body parts healthy and working. Not only this, but if you are experiencing a loss of appetite, this LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup is also helpful in solving this problem. 

It contains many other natural herbs, including Himsara, Kakamachi, Kasni, Arjuna, Guduchi, Kachur, Saunf, Tulsi, Neem, etc. All these herbs are magical for our health as well as body. This means Kutki in LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup will be the perfect solution for liver problems, managing your weight, and most importantly, as the natural detoxifier for your body. 

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