Tulsi Panchratna

Tulsi Panchratna

Tulsi is called the queen of all herbs, it is used widely in Ayurvedic and naturopathic medicines which helps in the healing of the human body in a natural manner. Not only do Tulsi leaves benefit people, but its flowers too. Tulsi can help you get rid of many health problems ranging from fever to kidney stones. Ayurvedic texts have also categorized the wonder herb as a stimulant, antipyretic, and aromatic in nature.

Tulsi Panchratna
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In simple terms, Tulsi is the best natural painkiller and solution to many of your health problems. It can be called the ancient healer of all diseases. It helps generate healthy mother milk during lactation.

Shukl Tulsi:

Rama Tulsi is also called green leaf tulsi and this is a different type of tulsi breed that has light purple flowers and has a clove-like scent to it. It consists of eugenol which is usually found in cloves and has a mellow flavor.

Krishna Tulsi:

This type of Tulsi is also called as purple leaf tulsi and has a clove-like aroma. It tastes like pepper in your mouth. This type of tulsi helps cure infections such as throat infections, respiratory problems, earaches, and skin diseases. The oil from Krishna Tulsi is used as ear drops. It is also used to cure malaria, indigestion, insomnia, and cholera.

Vana Tulsi & Kutherak Tulsi:

Vana Tulsi is a native to India, Sri Lanka, and Northeastern parts of Africa. This type of tulsi is usually grown for medicinal purposes and it is imbibed into Indian religious beliefs. This type must be protected freezing and will grow in conditions that have full sun and dry areas. It has light green leaves that are accompanied by a lemony aroma and flavor. Vana Tulsi leaves increase immunity and this is usually used for preparing tea. When consumed in the form of tea, it provides health benefits such as increased physical and mental endurance and adds more oxygen and nutrients in your bloodstream.

Arjaka Tulsi:

Arjaka Tulsi is a native to asia. It is beneficial in reducing elevated blood glucose level & useful in treating common headaches.

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Benefits of Using Tulsi

Western medicine gives you instant relief but comes with a lot of side-effects. Holy basil or Tulsi offers slow relief, but you can be sure that there are no side effects. That is the reason why it is called the wonder herb. A single Tulsi plant can help you get rid of many health issues such as.

Tulsi for Skin

Tulsi is proven to be the safest skin cream that can be used. Tulsi reflects on your skin when you consume it as well as applied. This wonder herb is used to treat acne, skin infections, lighten dark spots, and improve skin texture. Here is a list of benefits that tulsi does to your skin.
Tulsi helps in skin brightening
Tulsi helps in curing acne face marks
Tulsi mixed with eggs and mixed can help in tightening skin pores
Tulsi helps in curing skin infections and any sort of skin allergies.

Tulsi for Hair

Holy Basil can be applied to your hair for multiple reasons and all that it does is it makes your hair look better in all ways. Here are some ways of how tulsi can benefit your hair.

Tulsi can prevent hair fall
Tulsi can stop greying of hair and keep it thick and black
Tulsi can stop dandruff; and
Tulsi can prevent dry scalp

Tulsi for Weight Loss

Tulsi is a natural ingredient that aids weight loss. If you’re wondering how to burn fat quickly without any side effects, then you need to opt for drinking tulsi tea. Two cups a day will make a difference. Also, you need to keep in mind that drinking tulsi tea will act more efficiently only if you workout. Of-course without exercising tulsi tea can slim you down, but exercising will make the process faster. Here are some ways in which tulsi can help you lose weight.

Tulsi tea controls your metabolism and helps your body absorb essential nutrients.
Tulsi tea helps boost your digestive system which is important for losing weight quickly.
Tulsi tea has zero calories that boost your stamina.

Tulsi for Eyes

Your eyes are prone to a lot of dust and pollution every day. Thus most people develop eye-related problems and Tulsi acts as an immediate cure for eye-related problems such as:
Tulsi soothes the eye
Tulsi leaves left in boiled water overnight can be used to wash your eyes.
Tulsi eyewash can also reduce strain on your eyes
Most importantly, it reduces the strain on your eyes and makes it feel relaxed. Tulsi eyewash can also help you prevent many other eye-related problems such as conjunctivitis and boils.

Medical Use of Tulsi

Tulsi is called the wonder herb or sometimes the holy herb because of its medicinal properties. Many diseases can affect people again after it has left the person. But with the consumption of Tulsi, you can be sure that these diseases cannot affect you. Here are some of how tulsi can sort out any medical problems.
Tulsi is used to treat insect bites
Tulsi is used to prevent the common cold and sore throat, headaches, and kidney stones
Tulsi helps in treating Asthma


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