Ayurveda is the oldest natural healing system that is known to have originated from ancient India emerged from Vedic culture. Roots of this system are from India, but its branches are now spread worldwide. Ayur means “Life” and Veda means “Science,” so Ayurveda is the science of healing illness so that mind, body, spirit, and surroundings remain balanced and in equilibrium. This system of self-healing came into existence 5000 years ago and now most of the hospitals and test centers in India work on its principles.

Principles of Ayurveda:

The universe is composed of 5 main elements namely – air, water, fire, space, and earth. Each element contributes to making the universe effective in one way or the other. Also, these elements play their role in different situations and that’s how the world keeps going on. Ayurveda also has 20 “gunas” or qualities in a pair of 10 constituted in the matter. Ayurveda has 3 doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) and our body is composed of these doshas. They are present in every individual is a combination of two, and it defines every person’s nature living on earth. And being aware of doshas can help to improve diet, lifestyle, and other health characteristics.

Suffering from pain is troublesome, and to get rid of it, one can incorporate Ayurveda into a daily routine. Ayurvedic healing can benefit you from all the imbalances and diseases by adopting a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet containing all the vitamins, minerals, fibers, proteins, etc. results in a healthy body and healthy mind. Along with diet, exercising is important to keep the muscles activated and proper functioning of organs.

Wonders of Ayurveda cannot be neglected so here are certain benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine that are hard to believe –

  • Studies have proven that nowadays health gets deteriorated due to stress and anxiety. Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda are the keys that help in its reduction leading to a peaceful mind, body, and soul. It eliminates all the negativity from the body leaving behind a cool and calm attitude.
  • If you are obese or having a hard time losing weight, then Ayurvedic medicine is the best option to reduce it by adopting natural and healthy eating habits.
  • It reduces inflammation which occurs due to poor diet, sleep, and digestion. Boosts up the metabolism by removal of toxicity and increases energy levels.
  • Always wanted natural and glowing skin? The answer is very simple Ayurveda. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, and exercising eliminate toxins from the body and leave behind the dream skin which one always wants.
  • Sleeplessness or Insomnia occurs due to hypertension, depression, or stress. To cure that, Ayurvedic principles play a vital role. Drinking hot water or chamomile tea before bed soothes the body. Hot oil massage with coconut or any other oil relaxes the body.
  • Ayurvedic medicine and diet lower blood pressure and cholesterol-reducing the risk of heart disease. Toxins in the heart move out and relax the internal system.

These ayurvedic medicines are made from natural and herbal components, which are toxin-free and eliminate the disease from roots.