5 Essential Ayurvedic Herbs To Reduce Arthritis Pain

Many people are suffering from issues like knee pain and arthritis pain. Several kinds of arthritis can cause several types of pains. A lot of people go with the option of natural remedies, especially in cases of mild symptoms. People also use herbs to reduce knee pain. But if the symptoms become severe, people have to go with the option of other treatments. Certain types of herbs are very successful in dealing with these issues because of the anti-inflammatory properties present in them. It is highly advisable for the people to consult the doctor very well before opting for any of the natural remedies because it can cause interaction with existing medications.

Following are some of the natural herbs that allow individuals to deal with the problem of arthritis:

 – Aloe Vera: The aloe vera is most commonly used in several forms, including powder, gel, pills, and leaf. This particular natural remedy is very much successful in treating issues like arthritis because of the natural healing properties present in it. It has several anti-inflammatory properties and does not have any negative gastrointestinal effects, which are most commonly used in treating arthritis pain. The individuals can directly apply this gel on the skin, and taking from the mouth will also help in relieving these kinds of pains. The individuals should go with the option of proper consultation with the doctor because sometimes it can lower the glucose level and interact with the already existing diabetes medications.

 -Boswellia: All the practitioners of the traditional and alternative medicines also use this particular herb because of the anti-inflammatory properties. The Boswellia is derived from Boswellia trees and its gum, which is indigenous to India. The acid present in this herb helps to provide anti-inflammatory effects on the people so that they can get a soothing effect from the arthritis pain. The human trials have also suggested that this particular herb is very successful in improving pain and reduces stiffness because of the ingredients present in it. Consumption of 1 g each day is considered safe, but high dosages can adversely affect the liver. So, it must be consumed after proper consultation with the doctor. Most commonly, it is available in the form of topical creams and tablets, which can be purchased from both the counter and online platforms.

 -Cat’s claw: The cat’s claw is another herb with anti-inflammatory properties and is very successful in reducing the swelling because of arthritis. It comes from the root of a tropical tree, which is found in South and Central America. Many people have used this herb as an anti-inflammatory thing, which helps boost the immune system. According to some studies, the cat’s claw has shown very effective results in reducing the joint swellings by more than 50%. Some of the possible side effects can include nausea, low BP, and headache. All the people suffering from tuberculosis or using blood thinners should not go with the option of consuming this particular herb. The people who use medications that suppress the immune system should also not use this particular herb. The cat’s claws are very successful in dealing with arthritis, and people can go with the option of buying it online or over-the-counter platforms.

 -Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is also readily available in the market and is considered a great remedy that helps provide solutions for a wide range of conditions. The extracts present in eucalyptus leaves are considered to be topical remedies that help in treating arthritis pain. The plant leaves also help reduce the swelling and pain associated with the issue of arthritis. Some of the people also go with the option of following the heat pads so that effects can be maximized eucalyptus aromatherapy also help in easing the symptoms associated with RA. The best way to use this particular herb is with an essential oil and carrier oil before usage. The individuals can go with the option of using 15 drops of this particular oil and two tablespoons of almond oil or any other kind of neutral oil. One must be well aware of any type of allergy before using this particular eucalyptus, and for this, one can go with the option of conducting a patch test. Conducting a patch test will help make sure that there is no allergic reaction, and this can be conducted on the form by taking a small amount of the product. In case there is no reaction in 24-48 hours, then one can consider this particular product to be safe for usage. Individuals can purchase eucalyptus-based products from online platforms as well as from over the counter platforms.

 -Using ginger: Many people also use ginger in cooking because of the several kinds of medicinal benefits it has. The compounds in ginger also help in giving a strong flavor because of the anti-inflammatory properties. People of ginger are used in traditional medicines so that nausea can be treated. Also, it is very successful in addressing the issue of osteoarthritis and pains in joints and muscles. The ingredients in ginger are considered the best pharmaceutical treatment for arthritis and can help ease the symptoms associated with it. The individuals can go with the option of making a tea by boiling ginger in water for about five minutes. Another option is to add powdered ginger to the baked goods or powder ginger to several other dishes. The individuals can also go with the option of grating fresh ginger into a salad or stir fry. The individuals should consult the doctor before increasing the intake of ginger because sometimes it can interfere with various kinds of medicines. Ginger is very commonly available in grocery stores, and one can buy it from there.

 Many people also go with the option of using the oil for knee pain in India, and one such oil is Relief-On oil from the house of Torque Ayurveda. This particular oil is very much successful in dealing with issues like arthritis. The oil is made up of natural ingredients and is considered to be the best possible Ayurvedic oil for joint pain because it helps in providing proper relief from chronic joint pains. All the individuals were suffering from knee pain, and other joint pains are highly advised to do a proper massage with the help of this oil, especially during the winters. The massage of this particular oil has long-lasting effects because of the Ayurvedic ingredients present in it. This nutrient-rich soil can also be very much helpful in providing relief to all kinds of issues, for example, muscle stiffness. The individuals can apply this particular oil on the affected areas approximately three times each day. This oil is also very much successful in energizing the whole body and helps to provide several other kinds of benefits to the person using it. Hence, the herbs that are very much successful in reducing arthritis pain have been mentioned.

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