Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil to Cure Hair Fall

Having lush hair on your head makes you feel and look young. But as you grow old, you tend to lose hair strands in huge volumes. Even young people are exhibiting such issues across the globe. Becoming bald is the last thing that men and women would like to experience, and it isn’t very comfortable when in front of family, friends and colleagues. If you witness hair in huge chunks going down the drain every time you wash or comb, then it is indeed a primary concern. Ayurveda states that choosing the best Ayurvedic oil to boost hair growth requires understanding the root cause involving hair fall.

Ayurveda experts claim that vital life forces and nutrients offer the soul, body and mind. It is pretty similar to a balanced meal being a harmonious mixture of tastes. Ayurvedic hair oil from a well-established brand; can be found to be the perfect herb blend created to nurture your scalp and hair. Ayurvedic Hair oil, when applied regularly, ensures long, healthy and lustrous hair.

How does Ayurvedic oil function?

They do play a crucial role to protect and rejuvenate your hair follicles. It undergoes miniaturization. The oil, when applied, helps open up the blocked pores present in the scalp, thereby triggering the growth of new stem cell growth. It is achieved by offering essential nutrients. It also reduces inflammation.

Pure Ayurvedic oil, when compared to ordinary hair oils, takes a holistic, unique approach to treat hair issues from their root.

What are the benefits of Ayurvedic hair oil?

It constitutes natural, pure ingredients and helps boost hair growth. When used regularly, it offers myriads of benefits like:

  • It is free from dangerous chemicals like SLES/SLS (sulphates), mineral oils and parabens.
  • It provides a calming effect on your mind while promoting good sleep. You also get relief from headaches.
  • It deals efficiently with prematurely greying hair.
  • Repairs damaged/worn-out hair strands and prevent further hair breakage.
  • Applying ayurvedic oil on your scalp with anti-fungal & anti-bacterial ingredients helps provide relief from irritations, itching and dandruff.
  • Your scalp remains hydrated consistently while your hair retains natural shine.

The identifying root cause for hair fall: Taking an Ayurvedic approach

There may be external/internal factors that play a significant role in experiencing severe hair fall issues. Regular hair oils tend to emphasize more reducing the symptoms. However, Ayurvedic oils were created to serve a holistic and unique approach. It targets the leading cause of experiencing such problems and combats hair fall permanently.

Ayurveda states that every person has Kapha, Pitta and Vatta elements in specific combinations. If any aspect is imbalanced or aggravated, it causes doshas, reflecting hair health. It is necessary to consult a good Ayurvedic practitioner to identify your current elevated dosha.

Ayurveda Doshas – Know the symptoms

Hair health is primarily based on your existing aggravated doshas. You need to understand some characteristics according to the doshas to get a proper and timely remedy.

  • Pitta: It results in premature greying of hair, pain experienced in the roots, and dandruff and oily scalp. Excess hair loss may be shared at the head’s top portion or suffer from a receding hairline. Inflammation takes place in the hair follicles.
  • Vata: It results in frizzy hair having split ends and a dry scalp while hair becomes much shorter and thinner. Hair loss in this condition is noticed mainly at the back of your head or around the ear region.
  • Kapha: It results in oily, heavy, thick hair, greasy dandruff and itchy scalp. Blood supply is blocked when flowing towards follicles, thus resulting in hair loss.

How should Ayurvedic oil be applied to derive optimum results?

You need to use the best branded Ayurvedic oil available in the market. Apply it and massage your scalp gently. This helps improve blood circulation to the hair follicles and the scalp region. It offers plenty of energy, oxygen and nutrition to enable hair growth.

Step by step approach to following correct Ayurvedic massage technique to ensure better nourishment and absorption of Ayurveda oil:

  • Massage the crown chakra region properly: This point is around eight fingers above your eyebrow centre. You can either apply oil onto your scalp directly or take oil in your hands and then tap it over the crown region about eight times. Massage the part slowly using a horizontal rubbing motion.
  • Massage Apex region: The Apex point is located just four fingers behind the crown chakra. Above eight procedures should be repeated and the apex region massaged thoroughly using a horizontal rubbing motion.
  • Massage at middle line: Ayurvedic oil applied all over the scalp region. Make sure it spread uniformly and no part spared. Use rapid rubbing motion to stroke down the middle line. Practice the same procedure in the opposite direction of the previously chosen movement. Now, start from the side centre and move towards the middle line.
  • Massage whole scalp: From all sides, head, back and front, repeat the third step. Massage oil all over your scalp region using a rapid rubbing motion.
  • Massage crown chakra region: Massage this region using a horizontal rubbing motion.
  • Rub oil onto the hair shafts: This is the last step, where you are to apply the hair oil to your hair’s shaft portion—massage gently but without putting excessive pulling force.

What is the frequency to oil your hair?

Ancient Ayurveda scripts state that oil is applied to your hair and scalp region every day. However, it might not be practice for most people to carry out this activity regularly in today’s fast-paced life. If You have a busy lifestyle? Then you should hair your oil at least a night before applying shampoo to your hair. Moreover, the ideal frequency needs to be based on the prevailing season. Compared to summers, the winter season will require you to use more oil on your scalp and hair.

What to avoid?

Avoid applying oil if you undergo health conditions like sinusitis, cold or fever, or emotions like grief or anger. During such illness, do avoid using heavy hair oils such as coconut oils.

Valuable tips to enhance Ayurveda oil’s effectiveness

  • Do not apply excessive oil at once.
  • Ensure applying only warm ayurvedic oil on your scalp and hair. Warm oil helps open up the pores quickly and slides it easily within the hair follicles, promoting better hair growth.
  • After washing hair, do not apply hair oil as oily hair is likely to attract dust, making it brittle and rough.
  • After applying Ayurveda oil, avoid washing your scalp immediately. Leave the oil overnight to derive better results. Wash off your hair and scalp the following day. The longer duration the oil stays on your hair, your scalp is only likely to soak it.

Avoid using harsh shampoos or soaps on your hair.

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