Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Arthritis: Does It Work?

In case you have or experiencing an arthritis issue and the pain turns out to be really worst during the times of winters, you need to take precautions. You need to guarantee that you are taking steps to cure your pain. It is seemingly true to say that winter is like a villain for plentiful elderly people. They tackle with adverse arthritis experiences.

The point is arthritis is a way of referring to or talking about joint pain or joint ailment. The positive news is that Ayurveda suggests some herbs that can really be assistive in relieving joint pain. You can even invest in the best ayurvedic oil for arthritis. Of course, it is not just about a tablet or a syrup; it is about oils too. Once you are using the right medicinal product for your health; you would experience the impacts of arthritis weakening.

What Really Triggers Arthritis?

It is true that the exact cause or trigger of arthritis is not completely known. It is believed that some folks who are genetically predisposed attain or develop the ailment after they are exposed to any sort of environmental triggers. Other shapes of arthritis can be triggered by issues with the immune system or even by that of a metabolic situation like gout.

Then the environmental types of factors that could contribute to the development of osteoarthritis can encompass:

  • Obesity: it places puts added strain on joints
  • Activities that include repetitive actions of a specific joint
  • Then the previous harm to a joint like that of from a sports wound

Folks having a family history of osteoarthritis appear to be more prone to developing the situation, although the exact reason why has not been completely established. Moreover, if you are in a habit of smoking too often then you can attract arthritis. Also, if you are hardly doing any sort of physical movement or exercise; you can end up getting arthritis. If you think that you are fitting well in any of these categories, then you need to change right away. The change you would embrace is going to be the healing medicine for your health problems or even the issue of arthritis. Also, remember that most of the arthritis issues are thought to be triggered by a fault in the immune system that triggers the body to spell its own tissues in the joints. It is something that could be inherited in a genetic manner.

Diet modification Can be an Apt Medicine 

Yes, it might surprise you for sure. It is certain that any sort of modification in your diet might also help you in getting relief from your health conditions. An Anti-Vata diet needs to be taken. It would be great if you avoid hot and spicy food, and other sorts of foodstuffs such as eggplant cabbage, dairy foods, potato, cauliflower, okra, broccoli, potatoes, and so on. It would also be wonderful if you start consuming plenty of fruits, fruit Juices, homemade soups, green salads, and even green vegetables. The point is there are many professionals who suggest that the right diet can play a considerable role in healing the issue of arthritis.

Mild Exercise and Yoga can Help Too 

Again, there are many people who have experienced a great level of relief in their arthritis conditions because of a mild level of exercise and yoga. Yes, physical exercise and even yoga might help you. If you do exercise in moderation in your day to day life, it will help. However, make sure that you do not perform too much exercise as it could trigger further aggravation to your arthritic condition. The thing is you need to be balanced in your exercise.

You know exercise relieves some sort of joint pain and stiffness. There has been a study of people having knee pains showed that exercise worked as anti-inflammatory pain relievers. But you need to ensure that you do it regularly. Just like most of the treatments out there, if you are not regular and punctual with the exercise; the perks would take no time to wither.

Remember that your day to day life should encompass cardio to keep the heart and lungs strong. Good low-impact alternatives encompass swimming, walking, biking, tai chi, and even that activity of yoga. Also, include resistance exercises to construct your muscles so they might support your joints. And stay utmost flexible with stretching moves. If you have no idea what to do and how to do then you can talk to your doctor and find out which mild exercises or physical activities would be good for your arthritis condition.

In case you are overweight or obese, slimming down is going to make a big difference in your arthritis issue. Weight loss hugely lowers the stress on your joints, mainly knees and hips. It even relieves pain and helps your joints work in a better manner. Remember that even if you reduce ten percent of your body weight, you are surely going to experience a great chunk of relief. Of course, after doing any sort of exercise or physical activity; you can ensure that you massage your knees with the right oil.

Add up a Massage with Right Oil 

Then there are many oils that can be really effective and healthy for your arthritis problem. Once you do your message with the right oil, you experience the utmost effectivity. Many people do not know that massages and hot baths might also aid you significantly. Massage with proper massage oils such as Sesame oil or Almond oil is certainly beneficial in arthritic pain as it reduces and even eradicates Vata. It would be nice if you do massage vigorously on the most extremely affected areas for complete benefits. You can find a good ayurvedic joint pain relief oil that would ensure that your body is free from the evil of arthritis. No matter how extreme your condition is, if you are using a good quality oil for your massaging and you are carrying out the act of massaging every single day, you would experience results that would be amazing.

Is There a Good Oil for Arthritis You can Count On?

Well, there is a myriad of oils that can turn out to be a great companion for you in healing your issue of arthritis. One such oil is named Relief-On oil. It is a type of versatile oil that might get used for diverse sorts of body pain. It is the finest type of Ayurvedic pain relief oil. It is made from 10 potent herbs, that can be named as Ajwain, Taliparna, Lavang, Karpura, Dhatura, Pudina, Gandhapura, Sesame oil, Khurasani, and Mahanarayana. It might turn out to be considered the finest Ayurvedic oil for joint pain as it caters relief from even chronic joint pain. This ayurvedic massage oil for arthritis can help the patients, especially during the time of winters. It is even a proven oil for knee pains too. Once you start massaging your body with this oil, you surely are going to feel the change in your pains and experiences within two weeks or so.


So, there is no harm in trying out different things and you never know what turns out to be bliss for your health condition. Arthritis medicines totally depend on your experience with the specific one. Pick the one that suits you the best.

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