How Banapsha and Vasa Syrup Provides Relief in Cough?

We all are very well aware that our body is sensitive to seasonal change, so that we may have experienced some common issues. Some problems are so common, and almost everyone we have experienced them. The problem of cold and cough becomes so common during seasonal change, and there can be many other reasons behind the problem of cough. You may have tried many medicines to treat cough or cold, but it is advisable to try ayurvedic Torex cough syrup.


Many things are present in the air, like dust, dirt, other harmful bacteria, etc. If we inhale any of it, it may cause cold, cough, bacterial infections, and so on. Weaker immune people are more likely to get affected by a common cough or cold. You can also try some natural herbs or ideas to relieve cough. Coughing can force the respiratory system, and you may also feel uncomfortable while coughing in front of anyone.


To stop your cough from becoming stubborn and severe, you must try Torex cough syrup. It is made from natural herbs that help provide you relief from coughing. Vasa & Banapsha are two main ingredients of Torex cough syrup known as natural cough relievers. There are many benefits of Vasa for cough along with other health benefits. Vasa is also known as Malabar nut in English.


  • Solution for chronic cough: Leaves of this plant make many medicines because of their medicinal properties. Vasa can be used at home to treat cough, but it is better to get a syrup in which vasa is included. Earlier, people used its leaves and boiled them to drink to treat cough.
  • Helpful in breathing easily: We all know how it becomes difficult to breathe when we face severe cough. The phlegm accumulates in the respiratory tract and makes it difficult to breathe. But Vasa is known to help in reducing phlegm and facilitates easy breathing.
  • Whooping cough treatment: You can also use Vasa to treat the problem of whooping cough. This problem is more common in children.
  • Treats chest congestion: Regular coughing can lead to nasal congestion and the problem of chest congestion. It may make your chest feel so heavy that it can also cause difficulty breathing smoothly. The vasa are known for reducing this congestion.
  • Facilitate easy digestion: It is also beneficial for your digestive health. It quickly breaks down the food and makes it easier to be digested. It is also a natural appetite booster.
  • Treats digestion disorders: Vasa is not only known to treat cough or cold, but it has many other health benefits, too, including the treatment for digestive disorders. If you are facing the problem of abdominal gas, bloated stomach, cramps, heartburn, ulcers, etc., then vasa can help you cure it. It is also one of the treatments for the problem of flatulence.
  • Natural blood purifier: You don’t have to take other particular medicines to purify your blood. There are natural properties in vasa that will help you refine your blood. It also increases the blood count to avoid any issue regarding blood circulation.
  • Eliminating the risk of infections: This natural herb possesses properties like antibacterial, anti-microbial, antiseptic, and so on. All these properties help prevent the risk of various diseases. It also reduces the risk of allergies and other infections.


These are some of the benefits of Vasa that can treat cough problems and other health issues. Banapsha, another essential ingredient of the Torex cough syrup, is also loaded with benefits to treat cough and cold. The other name of Banapsha is sweet violet, and it is a natural herb used to make various medicines using its roots and other parts. From treating sore throat to treating gallbladder disorders, this herb is helpful. Many chemical constituents are part of this herb, like alkaloids, steroids, flavonoids, etc. Benefits of Banapsha for cold and cough and other health problems are:


  • Treats cough ailments: The cough problem can be common cough, dry cough, or whooping cough. These coughs create the same issues like difficulty breathing, congestion, etc. The sweet violet or Banapsha is the solution to almost all types of coughs from which you are suffering.
  • Treats bronchitis: The problem of bronchitis can be acute or chronic. Bronchitis can create difficulty breathing as thick mucus lines up on the lungs. It can damage your lungs, and that is why you must find its solution. Torex cough syrup helps treat all these coughs or respiratory tract problems due to the natural herbs as its active ingredient.
  • Treats sore throat: Both Vasa and Banapsha helps in treating cold, cough, sore throat, etc. It means Torex cough syrup will also treat your sore throat infections in no time.
  • Loosens the flow of phlegm: If phlegm accumulates then, it means your cough issue will cause a respiratory problem as well. It is so essential to reduce phlegm so that you can breathe easily. Sweet violet is known to treat this.
  • Other benefits:
  1. This herb can help relieve you from the stress or anxiety you face. It is essential to have healthy mental health to focus on physical health.
  2. Decreases heat: Your body may feel the heat from inside; this can be due to fever or other reasons. It helps correct the heat in your body due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


So, these are some of the benefits that you must know of these two powerful ingredients or herbs of Torex cough syrup. Not only this, but the Torex cough syrup is a herbal syrup made from herbs only. Many other cough syrups include alcohol, but this syrup is free from alcohol, making it safe for kids, adults, and everyone. Some of the other natural cum magical herbs of this syrup are:


  • Tulsi: We all are very well aware of the benefits of tulsi, especially to treat cough and cold. It is used separately in liquid or solid form, but now you can only take Torex cough syrup to get the benefits of tulsi.
  • Tailspatra: The next magical herb is tailspatra that are having so many benefits, including reducing inflammation, relieving muscle pain, cough, nasal discharge, and so on.
  • Pippali: This herb can be magical for lung-related issues and treat cough.
  • Other herbs: Pudina, shakti, black pepper, sunthi, etc., are some of the other herbs that are part of this syrup.


So, you can benefit from these magical herbs by consuming only one herbal syrup: Torex cough syrup by Torque Ayurveda. So, get one solution for the multiple health problems in one go.

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