How Do I Prevent Hair From Split Ends?

A person faces the problem of split ends when the hair becomes dry and brittle. This makes the hair to resemble the shape of a rope. The most common reason behind this is exposure to extreme based weather conditions. Another common reason which may cause split ends is using hair care techniques like blow-drying, curling, and many more. These can also be caused by using chemical products on the hair. Split ends are a very common problem faced by people all over the world. Every person once in his lifetime has faced this issue. People also adopt various techniques for hair fall regrowth.

The most irritating thing associated with this is that the split ends can never be repaired and to get rid of them, the only option is to cut them off. The latest concept in this industry is candle cutting which involves holding a candle to cut the hair. This will include twisting the sections of the hair and burning it through a lighted candle. A lot of people think that the burning of split ends will solve this issue which will further protect them to occur and from splitting again. But a lot of hair care experts disagree with this and they think that this concept can lead to damaging hair follicles.

In case, one wants to try this concept of candle cutting, then one must always go with the option of professional people who have experience in this field. In case, one does these things at home, then there is a huge risk of burning the hair or skin. Another concept which the companies usually market to cure the problem of split ends is the hair mask. It will help in styling the hair and can also help in preventing the split ends, but it will not make them go away permanently.

Tips to conceal the split ends: Hair masks include the deep conditioning-based treatment which will help in restoring the moisture and strengthen the hair. This is a great option to conceal the split ends which will further improve the overall appearance of the hair. The conditioners are applied to clean the hair gently. This will include sectioning the hair so that the conditioner is correctly applied to the roots as well as to the tips. These hair masks are very commonly available at drug stores. Another option is to prepare own conditioner and the following are the ingredients required for that:

  1. Using the sweet almond oil: This oil is extracted from the almonds and will help in hydrating the hair. It can also be used as a conditioner and rubbed in the hair.
  2. Using panthenol: This is a by-product of vitamin B5 and helps in strengthening the hair. It also retains moisture and improves the texture of hair. This is the main ingredient of various conditioners and hair masks.
  3. Using argan oil: This oil comes from the kennels of trees which are in Morocco. This is a moisturizing agent and also adds great shine to the hair. This is very commonly used in the split ends cases by rubbing several drops into the dry hair.

Preventing the split ends: It is very much difficult to prevent the split ends, but various measures can be adopted to reduce the frequency of the split ends. Some of them have been mentioned as follows:

  1. One must be very much gentle while touching and styling the hair. One must remember that split ends to develop slowly, and this will cause incremental damage with time. In case one is gentle with the hair every day, then one will be able to slow down the development of split ends which is very much useful.
  2. One must avoid heat-based tools as this is the most common factor which leads to split ends.
  3. People must drink more and more water. This will help in hydrating the hair from inside and outside which will help in preventing the damage to them and will help in nourishing the hair.
  4. One can use deep conditioning treatment after every two weeks so that there are fewer split ends. This will also help in preventing the split ends and will keep the hair healthy.
  5. One must avoid drying the hair with a towel. The towel will cause friction and will ultimately increase the split ends. In such cases, one can use the microfiber towel to dry the hair.
  6. One can protect the hair with silk. For this purpose, one can use a silk-based pillowcase so that split ends are prevented at night, and in the winters one can line up the scarves and hats with silk so that there is no rubbing of rough material with the hair.
  7. One can go with the option of using low maintenance-based styles to protect the hair. This must be used especially in the winter season.
  8. One must use hair-based products that are free of toxins and chemicals. These chemicals will help in nothing but weakening the hair. Hence, one must use natural-based products.
  9. One must not wash the hair daily and at the time of washing, one must use only the conditioner and not the shampoo.
  10. The shampoo which one uses must not contain any of the harsh ingredients.
  11. The hair must be combed using a wide-tooth comb.
  12. One can also go with the option of taking supplements which will help in strengthening the hair like Biotin and many more.

Various kinds of styles of hair like ponytails and twisting of air can also lead to split ends. So, one must limit going with such hairstyles and one can use the option of softer hair ties so that damages can be prevented. Major factors that lead to split ends are slow growth of hair, less hair density, and weakening of follicles of hair. These will make the hair more likely to break and will also cause split ends and knots in them.

A good option is to use hair fall regrowth oil. Ketomac hair oil is one of the most effective oils to deal with all hair related problems. This has been made from 21 extracts of various herbs and is a hundred percent natural. And this can be used by people from all age groups and helps in reducing the hair fall and strengthening the hair roots side-by-side moisturizing the hair. It can be applied in a small quantity on the scalp and it must be properly massaged for a few minutes and then one must cover the head with a towel. This can be left overnight so that it can be absorbed better and the best results can be seen. In the morning one can wash the hair using a herbal-based shampoo and one can go with the option of normal hairstyles. This will help in providing extra nutrition to the hair and will also cause increased blood circulation which will help in calming the mind and providing sound sleep.

The oil has various anti-dandruff properties which also help in preventing the thinning of the hair. This product is very well known for revitalizing the hair follicles and providing relief from itchy scalp. 

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