No matter which age group you are in, if you are facing any bone issues; you should take precautions. You need to take steps to ensure that your bones get stronger. There are many things that you can do to ensure that your bones get stronger, safer and healthier.

You can even use oil for strong bones and ensure that your bones get stronger and effective. You know to strengthen your bones probably is not your biggest health preference. And, if you are being honest, worrying about bone health can nearly feel like a luxury. There are so many health concerns that you might be more concerned about in your life. But again, if you are not giving much attention to the strength of your bones, you might find yourself suffering off and on. you know as per the experts one in two women and one in four men do have a fracture over their lifetime because of osteoporosis, and that in the foremost five years after menopause, a female can lose up to twenty percent of her bone mass.

The truth be told

You indeed lose bone as you age. Bone loss can trigger osteoporosis, wherein bones might turn out to be so thin that they break. Fractures from osteoporosis are a leading cause of disability. The great news is that Osteoporosis isn’t a natural part of aging – and there’s plenty you can do to keep the bones strong and healthy. The foremost step would be to get all the nutrients you need for proper and effective bone growth. You know a healthy diet can significantly diminish the risk of bone loss and that of osteoporosis.

Crucial Nutrients for Bones: Vitamin D and Calcium

Calcium is a critical and important building block of bone tissue. Vitamin D does help the body absorb and process the calcium. Together, these two nutrients are the keystone of healthy and strong bones.

Professionals recommend 1,000 mg of calcium a day for most of the adults and 1,200 mg/day for that of women after menopause and men after that of 70. Milk and other dairy products are brilliant natural sources of calcium. You are surely going to hit the mark by eating three servings of dairy products in a single day. Other great food sources of calcium can be like leafy green vegetables, calcium-fortified orange juice, and broccoli. In case you don’t eat such foods regularly, speak with your doctor about calcium supplements.

There have been researches who believe that most of the people fall short on vitamin D, which is a critical nutrient. Your body makes it naturally when your skin gets exposed to sun. In various parts of the world, especially during the winter months, the sun is too feeble to generate vitamin D. Older people mainly are at high risk of vitamin deficiency. The reason is that the body gets less efficient at generating vitamin D as you age.

Remember that vitamin D deficiency is common in all age groups and few foods contain vitamin D. Milk and different yogurt are fortified with D. Vitamin D deficiency is described as a twenty-five (OH)D below 20 ng/ml and vitamin D inadequacy as a twenty-five (OH) D of 21–29 ng/ml.

Healthy bones are not just about nutrition basics

Healthy bones rely on more than calcium and D. Unfortunately, the diets of many elderly people fall short on some important nutrients. The point is even if they are receiving calcium and vitamin D, they are still losing bone.

Pick a diet of complete foods

The finest way to get all the nutrients you require is to fill your plate with whole foods. Nuts, whole grains, beans, and fruit and vegetables are naturally rich in a collection of nutrients essential to healthy bones. There has been research that suggests that fruits and vegetables are just as significant as dairy products for bone health. To pick the nutrient-rich foods is specifically important as you get older as most people’s calorie requirements drop down. The challenge is to attain as much nutrition into a restricted number of calories.

Important points

 Always avoid highly processed foods. Yes, processing strips a few foods of their natural nutrients. Even when vitamins or minerals get added back, processed foods generally lack the complete array of nutrients found in natural foods.

Try to pick only whole foods. Whenever you have the option, go for foods having whole grains, which are far richer in nutrients linked to bone health. Search for the ingredient panel of breads, cereals, and even that of other products made with grain. The foremost ingredient should be a whole grain.

Opt for variety. And it is especially in case you are cooking for yourself. It is easy to get stuck in a groove. That groove can mean you are simply missing out on the variety that makes sure a healthy diet. It would be good if you try out a new grain, such as bulgur or that of quinoa. Choose vegetables from across the range of colour, from leafy greens to that of red sweet peppers. A colourful diet will help make sure that you have a balance of nutrients necessary for good bone health.

Use oils

Then you have no idea that you can use good quality and effective oil to make bones strong. Many people use proper oil to ensure that their bones stay strong and firm. Whether you are a child, a youngster or an old person, oiling can help your body stay in proper working. You should introduce oil in your daily regime for the best outcomes and effective one. You cannot simply take your bones for granted. Just because they are working well now, it does not mean they are going to stay that way throughout. If you are not taking good care of your bones, they might dodge you someday.

Do massages

You know what, you might have heard that people do oil massages for babies, right? That is done to ensure that their bones get stronger and firmer. Oils do help the bones to get stronger and flawless. Since babies get the goodness of the oils, don’t you think that you can also do the same? For babies, it is their time of developing bones; but for you it might be already developed bones or you might be in your middle age. Well, no matter in which age you are in, these oiling massages can do wonders for you.

You should start using BadamRoghan and it is Ayurvedic oil versatile in its use. The oil is effective and useful for both adults and children. It assists in relieving stress and tension. It caters instant energy and keeps the body warm during winters. The Roghan oil is great for your immune system. Once you use this oil for massaging, your bones would get comfort and stay stronger. Your pains and acnes would vanish with constant massaging. Regular massaging with almond oil would ensure that your bones get the attention and care that they demand. Gentle massage is enough to get that supreme relief.


So, whether foods, diets or oils; you have to introduce them all for healthy and strong bones.

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