Most people these days are affected by a skin related problems at least once in their lifetime. To deal with this, a blood purifier for the skin is used so that all the skin related problems can be solved. This problem which is caused by the impurity of blood is also known as hives in the medical profession. It involves outbreaks of red and itchy welts on the human skin. It causes a lot of irritation to the people. This can affect any area of the human body. These may vary from person to person in terms of appearance. It may be even tiny spots or can even be red rashes on the skin that can cover significant areas of the human body. These may even take the form of raised red areas on the skin which might even cause intense irritation to the person who is suffering from this.

It can go back from a few hours to a few days or in some vulnerable cases, it can go beyond a few days also. It is focal edema of the dermis due to an increase in capillary permeability. In modern medicines, various kinds of steroids are also used these days to cure such issues. These things when used for the long term continuously have some side effects as well. Even such medicines fail to cure the skin-related issues sometimes so a combination of some medicines is to be used to cure the skin. This problem causes a lot of distress among patients who are suffering from this disease. It may appear and disappear anywhere on the whole body and the most irritating thing is that it has no warning when it comes. The remarkable symptoms are itching and redness which also causes inflammation. This is also commonly called as chhapakki and Pitti in the regional terms.

As per the medical literature, this is caused by the impurities in the blood. As per the Unani literature, this is caused by the exaggeration in the blood of the human body. An excessive amount of yellow bile is another reason for this disease. Also, the heat of blood causes weakness in the nerves which ultimately leads to such issues in the human body. It can be of two types:

  • Acute: this usually lasts up to less than 6 weeks
  • Chronic: this usually lasts for more than 6 weeks.

There are no exact causes for this but there are many triggers that cause such issues. These triggers may lead to the many kinds of symptoms that can cause such issues in the human body. The defense mechanism reacts to the allergies in a try to neutralize the antigen the human body releases histamine that produces the allergy symptoms. This may be caused by coming into contact with such skin or coming into contact with a hairy food, plant, or wool kind structure. Strawberries, eggs, and shellfish are the most common agents among food items that cause allergies. Other agents can include dust particles, animal fur, and perfumes that can cause some heat rashes. This can also be caused by some local pressure, high temperatures, and even environmental circumstances. Cosmetic products like lipsticks and foundations are the triggers in these kinds of cases that cause allergies. There is an enduring need to identify the root causes as soon as possible so that one can get timely treatments when required by them. 

One can get some relief by applying a cold compress over itchy skin. This will help to give some kind of instant relief. One can also use this to soothe the itching skin. One can also use aloe vera gel to get some relief in the case of inflammation. This is known to have the best cooling effect and this will help to generate the best cooling effect in such cases. This is best when one has the scratching feel over the affected area. Even a food allergy can also cause such things as the allergen remains in the body afterward also. So one must drink plenty of water and must consume fresh fruits and vegetables after properly washing them so that they cause no harm to the human body. Nowadays many herbal medicines are also available for such problems related to the skin. Which remedy to choose fully depends upon the person that how he wants to cure the issue. Good health can only be regained by removing and overcoming all the symptoms of such problems by using blood purifiers for the skin. The aim is to underlie the causes and solve the problems of the individuals so that there is no issue with them in the coming future.
One can use cooling agents and blood purifiers to get things cured. Also one can use anti-allergic drugs to remove such symptoms from the human body. One can even take the Gulab Jal and then apply it externally to the affected area so that it will cause the person to have some relief. One can mix gulkand and along with Gulab Jal and make a paste that can be applied to give a soothing and a cooling effect on the affected area. Also one must include vinegar and buttermilk in their diet so that the things can be cured easily. People also recommend drinking pomegranate juice in such cases which is quite useful. People suffering from such issues must avoid spicy diets and sweet dishes. They should also avoid meat and meat items as well.
Also, there is much blood purifier syrup for skin available in the market for such people who suffer from these kinds of problems. Shudh is the best blood purifier for skin syrup in such cases one will find in the market. It is the most useful syrup and provides natural remedies to cure such problems with no side effects. It helps to purify the blood and then also helps to remove all the toxins from the body. It contains Guduchi which is the best thing known for increasing immunity in the human body. It also has neem extracts which are quite useful for better functioning of the liver and kidneys and even helps to detoxify the human body as a whole. This also helps to increase the metabolism rate of the human body. One must store the syrup in a dry place and must avoid sunlight contact with the bottle directly. One should also shake well before use.
There are sanay leaves that help in alleviating the toxins from the body. Trivit is a quite useful herb which helps to purify the blood in the best possible manner. Rose petals are also there that provide cooling effects and even help to control the acidity. Sessam is an ingredient used to control bacterial infections. Overall the syrup is too good to remove the toxins from the body and rejuvenate it as a whole. This prevents the body from various kinds of other diseases and prevents it as a whole. There are herbs that act as inflammatory agents in this syrup. There are also some dried powders in blood purifiers for skin that help in blood purification. There are so many ingredients in this syrup and all of them have their own importance with no side effects.

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