Health is wealth, and we all are well aware of this line. Without being healthy we cannot enjoy our life. Some people are suffering from many kinds of common infections like colds, coughs, fever, etc. There may be thinking about the reasons due to which they are falling sick. The reasons can be many but the most common of them is the weak immune system. If your immunity is weak then your body is more prone to infections. In the current scenario, we all need to boost up our immunity so that we can fight the virus or other infections.

Many medications are available to boost up immunity, but it is always better to boost it naturally. Our immune system will fight infections and viruses if it is internally strong and vice versa. The Ayurveda has come with the natural immunity boosting liquid or syrup that is Tulsi Panchratna. There are so many herbs that are used as immunity-boosting medicine. You must know about those different herbs that are available for boosting immunity. These are:

Turmeric: Turmeric is most commonly found and used in every kitchen. It adds a unique color and aroma to every dish. But there are so many properties found in turmeric that made it one of the magical herbs. Some of its properties are:

  1. Anti-inflammatory
  2. Anti-bacterial
  3. Anti-viral
  4. Anti-fungal
  5. Healing properties, etc.

It is also part of many supplements as it is rich in nutrients. From facilitating the process of digestion to boosting immunity, turmeric is helpful. It is also used to cure a common cold and cough. You can use it to improve the healing process of the wound. You can consume it with milk, in kadha, or food items.

Ginger: Ginger or adrak wali chai is what we love so much in winters. Ginger is used in many ways like as herbal tea, kadha, in dishes, etc. You can use ginger to treat your cough, etc. Ginger helps facilitate smooth digestion and it avoids many digestion-related problems like bloated stomach, gas, etc. It can boost up your metabolism as well as your immune system. Some of the important properties present in ginger include antibiotic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. It is rich in minerals, B6, magnesium, etc. You can even use raw ginger as direct consumption if you want.

Ashwagandha: This herb is one of the ayurvedic immunity booster herbs that are used in so many ways. Ashwagandha capsules or supplements are available in the market. It is also known as adaptogens as is known for boosting immunity. It can even decrease your stress levels and promotes wellness in your both mind and body. It stimulates the white blood cells that make them able to fight against various infections. You can make use of ashwagandha powder, capsules, etc in your daily routine to boost up your immune system.

Garlic: It may feel strange that garlic is also known as a herb. Garlic is the most important ingredient in almost every cuisine, and we cannot get the desired taste without adding this. Garlic is known to improve your immune system by making it stronger. Garlic is having antiseptic, antifungal, and even antibacterial properties. It is known to purify your blood so that you can have clear and healthy skin. It decreases the cholesterol levels in your body and is even useful in treating fungal infection. It has a strong aroma which is why it adds a special value to your food. It is rich in flavonoids, selenium, etc.

Amla: Amla is another beneficial herb that can boost your immunity as per Ayurveda. The other name of amla is Indian gooseberry which is the richest source of vitamin. Amla can be beneficial for your immune system and it will provide internal strength to your body. Not only boosting the immune system but the amla is good for your eyes, metabolism, hair, etc. You can consume raw amla or amla juice as you feel comfortable.

Giloy: Giloy is known to be a natural blood purifier and immunity booster. The giloy juices are available in the market that can directly be consumed by adding some water. The antioxidant content is rich in giloy. It is good for your digestion, fights against viruses and bacteria. It is beneficial for diabetic patients as well.

So, these are the following herbs that are good for your immune system as per Ayurveda. The best ayurvedic syrup for immunity is Tulsi Panchratna. Tulsi Panchratna includes five kinds of tulsi which mean five different benefits.

  • Krishna tulsi: This tulsi is purple and has an aroma like a clove. This tulsi will help treat many throat-related problems, respiratory issues, malaria, indigestion, etc.
  • Vana and kutherak tulsi: These types of tulsi are good for your immunity and are used for medicinal purposes.
  • Arjaka tulsi: This type of tulsi helps treat headaches and glucose levels.
  • Shukl tulsi: This tulsi is also known as Rama tulsi and is having a flavor like a mellow.

Many other natural ways can boost up your immunity that you must know. These are:

  • Healthy food for a healthy life: If you want to live a healthy life then you must start consuming healthy food over tasty food. You can start consuming fruits, yogurt, green leafy vegetables, honey, etc.
  • Don’t take stress: If you are taking too much stress this means you are damaging your body internally. You can reduce stress by doing meditation or yoga. You can keep the negative energies away and try to breathe in positivity only.
  • Take good sleep: It is important to take enough sleep to wake fresh. If you are not sleeping at proper times, then your body may feel low or tired. It can also affect your immune system and that is why you must take enough sleep.
  • Quit bad habits: If your habits are affecting your health this means they are bad and need to be changed. You must quit bad habits like smoking, drinking, eating excess salty or sugary food, etc.
  • Consume immunity-boosting herbs: We have already discussed the immunity-boosting herb especially Tulsi. You can consume Tulsi Panchratna regularly to keep your immune system strong. You can take those herbs in different ways like in the form of kadha, juice, herbal tea, etc.
  • Follow a workout routine: You must follow a regular workout regime like doing some cardio, walking, running, etc. every day for a healthy mind and body.

So, these are the natural ways to keep your immune system strong and healthy. The Tulsi Panchratna is not less than magic for our health. It is loaded with benefits for your hair, skin, and your body. It can even help you to reduce weight so that you can balance your body mass index. This syrup is rich in extracts of around 5 kinds of tulsi which are very rare. You can consume Tulsi Panchratna by adding it to water, kadha, or herbal tea. It also helps in stimulating mother milk at the time of lactation

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