It is true that your bodies are not meant to be toxic dumps. Yet, inappropriate digestion, high levels of stress, and even pollutants such as chemicals in the air you breathe, the water you drink or wash with, and the foods you eat, continuously form up toxins in the body. In case not flushed out on a regular basis, Ayurveda contends that such a toxic build-up might eventually manifest as disorders. And as you grow older, the inbuilt mechanisms of body for eradicating impurities incline to be less efficient, thus stressing the requirement for periodic internal cleansing therapy.

The point is you might be having toxins in your body and you must not take a chance here. You should ensure that your liver is healthy and safe. You should go for ayurvedic herbal liver syrup and it would ensure that your health is safe and effective. Such syrups have the goodness of Himsara and Kakamachi, and hence, you get the best experience. These ingredients prove to be magical for detoxifying your body. These ingredients remove the toxins from your body because they fight the germs and underpins the immunity of your body.

Types of toxins

Ayurveda generally describes three sorts of toxins. The commonest sort is of ama, that is the sticky waste-product of digestion that constructs in the digestive tract once your digestion is either weak or overloaded with wrong foods. In case, ama is not emptied from the body and goes on to build up, eventually it can leave the digestive tract and start to circulate via the body. Once it settles in a particular area, over time ama turns out to be reactive and blends with the subdoshas, the dhatus (body tissues), or even malas (waste products like urine). When it blends with these parts of the physiology, it turns out to be amavisha, a more reactive, toxic kind of ama.

The third sort of toxins are what you can take as environmental toxins today. These toxins come from outside the body and encompass pesticides and chemical fertilizers in food, as well as additives, preservatives and genetically engineered foods. Meals that has get bad and is filled with harmful bacteria even falls in this category. Other garavisha toxins encompass arsenic, asbestos, lead, chemicals in detergents and household supplies, air and water pollution, poisons, chemicals and synthetics in clothing, and even that of recreational drugs. Amavisha and garavisha kinds of toxins are finest handled by an ayurvedic physician, but there are a number of factors you can do on a continuous basis to avert ama from constructing up in your body.

Symptoms that you might have an ama construction  

In case you experience a heavy feeling in your body, in case your joints are stiff, in case your tongue is coated when you wake up in morning, in case you have an unfriendly body odour, if you feel dull and absolutely sleepy after eating, in case your mind is foggy, you could have a build-up of ama in your body. Constipation, diarrhoea, joint pain, dullness, sadness, lowered immunity, frequent bouts of colds and even flu are all health issues that can be triggered by ama.

The point is that this ama clogs the channels of circulation in your body, averting the unrestricted flow of nutrients to your cells and organs. Or it might block the channels that carry waste from the cells and tissues, ending up in a toxic build-up. You need to know that this ama is the waste product of imperfect digestion, so any type of dietary or lifestyle habits that disrupt digestion might trigger ama.

Do you really need to detoxify?

It is absolutely important to detoxify oneself and remove body toxins so as to get rid of the diseases and make your immunity strong and sturdy. Toxins are one of the chief reasons for falling sick every weather change and might slowly gather diseases causing long-term damage. There are two reasons of toxins that construct in the body – the internal toxins and that of the external toxins. The external ones are the ones you collect through the kind of junk and oily food you eat, and the internal toxins are obtained by your metabolism. Internal toxins in Ayurveda are known as ama, that are intensified when the digestive fires get weakened over the course of time. Both the types of toxins get deadly and need to be removed so as to be hale and hearty. There are four circumstances of digestive fires or amas that are formed up in the body, once the digestion weakens. These do interfere with the common working of organs.

Can you stop the toxins to build up?

Prevention is certainly the key to health, so the finest plan is to avert toxic build-up. Follow the diet and regular routine for your imbalances; exercise every day to enhance your digestion and removal; do every day abhyanga to flush out toxins via the skin; drink the herbal water apt for your imbalances; and try to meditate every day to remove stress.

Also, if you have any signs that you have toxins in your body then you must use a right tonic like ayurvedic liver tonic syrup that has Himsara and Kakamachi as ingredients. In this way, you can be sure that the tonic is absolutely safe and effective. These ingredients make the syrup safe, effective and productive for everyone. So, if you are stopping the tonics to enter your body; that is great. But if you feel that you already have some tonics build-up in your body; you need to think about the right tonic’s consumptions right away.  The point is when you can consume ayurvedic tonics with the best ingredients like Himsara and Kakamachi, that have the goodness of herbs for fighting off the germs and toxins; you must not miss out on it.  If you don’t know, this fruit of Kakamachi is a brilliant remedy for curing liver disorders. Moreover, talking about Himsara, it is anti-rheumatic in effect and get used to diminish flatulence and improve liver functioning. It this is even utilized as an expectorant and diuretic. It averts the elevation of malondialdehyde (biomarker for oxidative stress) levels in the plasma and even that of hepatic cells.

Is there any specific ayurvedic product for detoxifying?

Well, you should check out LIV13 AYURVEDIC SYRUP and it is going to work wonderfully for you.  The point is this Torque’s LIV 13 is a powerful and effective Ayurvedic syrup that is believed to remove all toxins from your body to leave it clean and absolutely pure. If you want to enhance your overall health, consume this syrup regularly. It is there to boost metabolism. The syrup encompasses properties like analgesic and anti-inflammatory that are effective in liver disorders. The ingredients assist in providing strength to the liver that is necessary for maintaining better liver health. This syrup can also be taken to deal with the loss of appetite.  Make sure that you shake it properly before you consume it. Also, try to keep the syrup in a cooler and dry place to keep it safe for your consumption.


So, there is no doubt that the ayurvedic syrups that have Himsara and Kakamachi are effective for your liver issue. You can detoxify your body with these syrups and ensure a healthy body.

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