When we did not take care of our health, we experience many health-related issues that may or may not be common. Some problems are cause-oriented, whereas some problems are caused due to unavoidable issues. But in any of the cases, you need to understand how important your health is. Health should be your topmost priority in life so that you can take steps to build up your health. It is commonly said that if your stomach is fine, your life will be fine and vice versa.

The stomach and liver, both these organs, play a very important role in the overall body functioning. But sometimes, people commonly face issues in both these organs at the same time. The reasons behind this can be so many. The common issues associated with the stomach are bloating, nausea, loss of appetite, pain in the stomach, gas problems, etc. The problem of gastritis is common, and this problem is characterized by inflammation in the stomach. There are some symptoms of gastritis that are:

  1. Pain in stomach
  2. Feeling like vomiting
  3. Bloated stomach
  4. Belching
  5. Loss of appetite, and so on.

The causes of gastritis can be due to the medications that you may have consumed or due to the helicobacter pylori bacteria. You can get your blood tests done, or with the help of an endoscopy, it can be diagnosed. There are so many treatments or medications available to treat this problem, but it is better to prefer the Ayurvedic treatment over others. The LIV 13 syrup by Torque Ayurveda is made from natural herbs that help treat the problem of gastritis and many other problems. You should avoid some foods if you are facing gastritis, like coffee, alcohol, spicy or fried food, carbonated drinks, and so on.

The main ingredient of LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup is kasni, and kasni for Gastric is good for many things including gastritis, treating loss of appetite, boosting metabolism, and so on. LIV 13 is the best syrup to boost the health of your liver, and this important organ is not only important but is sensitive of all. Fatty liver or low metabolism is the common issue associated with liver problems. Kasni is also known as chicory and is having medicinal properties. Some of the components of chicory are ascorbic acids, chicoric acids, amino acids, palmitic acids, inulin or leaves of chicory, fiber, lactucin or root, minerals, calcium, iron, and so on. Kasni is also known as the substitute for coffee and is having many nutritional properties present in it. From facilitating constipation to boost appetite, kasni is beneficial in many ways. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that will help solve inflammation. It is helpful to treat liver disorders naturally.

If your liver is not healthy, then you may face the problem of low metabolism, and that is why correcting liver orders will bring back metabolism levels. Some of the common benefits of kasni or chicory are discussed as follows:

  • Solving digestive problems: There are so many digestive tract problems that you might face. There are medications available for digestive problems, but it is advisable to take LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup to get rid of all kinds of digestive problems. This medicinal plant is helpful for digestive problems. It is considered the best tonic for your stomach that will boost gastric juice production. It helps prevent gastritis and other problems relating to it.
  • Good for your liver: The properties present in chicory are good for your liver. It also promotes bile production and makes the gall bladder light. It decreases the damage in the liver cells to make your liver healthy. The levels of liver enzymes are also reduced. It is even used to cure jaundice. It is the main ingredient in most liver syrups. It will solve fatty liver problems and jaundice or any other disorder relating to your liver. It will make your liver able to digest food properly so that food can be digested easily.
  • Helpful in avoiding constipation: The problem of constipation is so common, and it can happen due to many reasons. Some people are facing it due to hereditary reasons, and so on. But we all want to have a soft laxative or bowel movements. You can now get the smoothest bowel movement with the help of LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup. It raises the content of bacteria in the stool. The food will be digested properly, and stool will pass smoothly. The digestive fire will be promoted, and the problem of constipation will be solved.
  • Facilitates blood circulation: Slow blood circulation can cause many diseases, and that is why it is important to have a smooth flow of blood flow. With the help of the medicinal properties of Kasni, the blood flow can be normal or stimulated. It will better travel in your veins, arteries, etc. The toxins, if accumulated in the blood, can create problems for your health, and that is why you must prefer natural detoxification.
  • Boosting metabolism: The kasni helps boost metabolism. Having good metabolism is a dream of many people, including those who want to lose weight. The kasni helps boost your metabolism and is helpful for people who are losing weight. This is the most natural way of boosting your metabolism by consuming LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup.
  • Solving the problem of loss of appetite: You may lose your appetite due to any reason, and due to this, you may lose weight too. The kasni helps improve your appetite if you add it to your daily diet. You may face a loss of appetite due to the weak digestion process.
  • Solving the problem of gall bladder stones: You may have heard people complaining about the stones in the gall bladder. With the consumption of LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup with kasni, the risk of stone sin gall bladder can be avoided. The bile secretion, if excessive, will be corrected with the help of this magic herb.

So, these are the important benefits of kasni that you must know. It is now clear that kasni is not less than a magical herb. Kasni is also good for skin disorders, to cure the problem of high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, cancer, and so on. LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup is made with many other natural herbs, including Arjuna, kakamachi, guduchi, vidanga, kutki, amalaki, Kachur, pipli, neem, Tulsi, saunf, jhavuka, himsara, bhringaraja, and so on. All these herbs are loaded with lots of benefits for your liver, metabolism, natural detoxification, treating bacterial, fungal infections, gastritis, and so on.

Torque Ayurveda offers a healthy ayurvedic tonic as a solution to your many health issues. It is the natural treatment for the problem of gastritis, liver disorders, boosting appetite and metabolism. So, now you can only consume this healthy tonic made from natural herbs to solve your everyday health issues. It boosts your overall health by protecting and cleansing your body organs naturally. Some harmful toxins can disturb the while working of your body and can cause many issues. But now, with this healthy LIV 13 ayurvedic syrup, you can get rid of all issues.

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