• The face is, undoubtedly, the very first part of the body that is noticed by the others and eyes are crucial. Beautiful looking eyes do make the person appear attractive and appealing to others. But lack of sleep, extreme stress, and tension faced in family and at work, sickness, allergies or other health issues might create ugly looking dark circles underneath the eyes for both men and women.
    • However, many are found to have dark circles naturally, even after getting proper rest. It may occur if the skin below the eyes is thin, thereby making apparent the blood vessels. Moisture can be lost more easily due to thinner skin and the area can get dehydrated.

Can almond oil solve the problem?

    • The dark circles underneath the eyes can be lightened up by using ayurvedic badam for dark circles. It does help to reduce eye puffiness effectively since it contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Badam (almond) oil also comprises vitamin K, vitamin E, and retinol, all of which are useful to smoothen up the delicate skin below the eyes and not irritate it. Such naturally occurring ingredients may contract dilated blood vessels which cause this discoloration.

How almond oil is to be used to eradicate dark circles?

    • It is essential to purchasing a superior quality oil product made from organic almonds. The oil also needs to be cold-pressed and pure. The process of application to eradicate this issue is quite simple and also effective.
    • Firstly, use soap and water to wash the hands and then wash the face with a daily cleanser. Take some almond oil and massage it gently onto the area below the eyes. This gentle massage when done can increase blood circulation. To enjoy the best results, this massage is to be performed in the evening, allowing it to sit properly on the affected region overnight and then wash it in the morning.
    • Almond oil should be used overnight regularly for several weeks to get the desired results. For many, it might take some time to witness increased blood circulation in the region, skin hydration, and lightened skin tone to take place.

Combining it with other remedies

    • Badam oil for dark circles can prove to be more effective to treat dark circles below the eyes if it is used along with other remedies. For example, if combined with honey, its effectiveness is increased manifolds, due to the anti-inflammatory effects and moisturizing abilities of honey. Take a teaspoon of honey and mix it with almond oil (4-5 drops) to prepare this remedy. Massage onto the dark circles found beneath the eyes before hitting the bed.
    • Honey chosen for this remedy should be organic, unprocessed, and raw as it is suitable for this purpose. Such honey is known to come with natural health benefits. But those who tend to experience regular turning and tossing during their sleep in bed might not find this treatment to be beneficial. Although honey does not have that overly sticky feeling on the face, it can get all over the pillow, as well as the hair, thereby creating a mess, if sleeping positions are changed frequently throughout the night.
    • The other amazing option to be used with almond oil is Avocado oil. Avocados are known to have numerous types of nutrients in them which are found to be extremely beneficial to the skin’s overall health. It also offers vitamin E which is very much essential for the skin to remain supple, smooth, and shiny. Evidence also can be found of this remedy helping to improve and heal wounds, which means the skin can be kept in excellent condition.
    • To prepare this remedy, avocado oil is to be taken of two drops and then mixed with almond oil of 4 drops. This mixture is to be applied to the dark circles emerging below the eyes and the next morning is to be washed off.


Is it effective in producing the desired results?

    • Anecdotal evidence can be found about the benefits of almond oil to reduce dark circles occurring under the eyes. However, research about its exact usage is quite slim. Scientific evidence can be found that displays how the skin and those pesky dark circles can benefit from its application.
    • For example, the anti-inflammatory effects of almond oil are well documented and it helps to reduce puffiness which is related to the dark circles that improve significantly the person’s appearance. It is also known to possess sclerosant and emollient properties to improve skin tone and complexion. Almond oil is also said to reduce stretch marks visibility and prevent it from further developing shortly, thereby demonstrating healing and skin lightening abilities.
    • Almond oil should be used regularly for about 2-3 weeks at a stretch to experience some noticeable results.

Side effects and risks

  • The topical usage of almond oil is completely safe for everyone. But those suffering from nut allergies should avoid using it to prevent unwanted allergic reactions. Almond oil for some might cause skin irritation or break out. Hence, to prevent such issues, almond oil is to be applied to a small patch of skin to test its effectiveness and to find out if it is allergic or not. This should be done before actually using it to treat dark circles. This is essential for those who have sensitive skin.
  • Oral consumption of almond oil is not prescribed, since it may cause side effects, like weight gain, vitamin E overdose, or gastrointestinal upset. Rather, it will be wise to consume around 10 almonds regularly to gain the benefits. But it is not likely to be effective like that of topical application of almond oil. However, for those experiencing irritation and other side effects, its nutritional benefits can help.
  • Those who want to ensure complete safety and avoid unnecessary allergic breakouts or other side effects can depend upon the ayurvedic product Badam Rogan offered by Torque Ayurveda and enjoy its immense benefits.

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