Beautiful eyes are attractive. So, it is very essential to make sure the skin around the eyes is radiant and healthy. However, because of our hectic lifestyles and the lots of skin-damaging pollutants in the environment, we finish up with those ugly dark circles under our eyes.

Dark circles make an individual look unattractive, tired, and dull. Rather than using eye creams and going for eye surgery, it is better to care for the trouble at home. Almond oil works as a good home therapy for lessening dark circles. As it is rich in nourishing vitamins, it can be used for curing several skin problems, including dark circles. It reduces dullness and lightens the skin, making it one of the best natural remedies to get rid of dark circles.

Causes of dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles are a sign of illness, allergies, stress, or sleep deprivation. But, many people have dark circles under their eyes naturally, even if they are well-rested. This can occur as the skin beneath the eyes is thinner, making the blood vessels more noticeable. Thinner skin can also lose moisture without difficulty and become dried out.

In such cases, almond oil can be of great help as it can assist in reducing the under-eye puffiness. Also, this oil contains vitamin E, retinol, and vitamin K, which can keep the subtle skin under your eyes even without infuriating it. These organic ingredients might also assist shrink the dilated blood vessels that are resulting in the staining.

In what way almond oil for eye wrinkles can prove to be beneficial?

Almond oil is an extraordinary moisturizer, and it works well in the areas surrounding the eyes. As the skin around the eye is very delicate and sensitive, it is recommended to use this natural remedy instead of going for any harsh chemical beauty products. Mentioned below are the benefits that the oil offers:

  • Owing to dehydration, the skin under the eyes becomes dull, dry, and even develops a bluish/blackish tone. Almond oil includes fatty acids that provide the skin with nourishment. Because of its emollient properties, it moisturizes and softens the skin around the eyes.
  • The almond oil for eyes keeps the complexion and skin tone even and glowing.
  • Another related problem is that of wrinkles around the eyes, which are caused due to aging in addition to other external factors. The high vitamin E content of almond oil helps to revitalize the wrinkled skin, making it supple and firm.
  • Almond oil is also a natural bleaching agent and assists to lessen the pigmentation under the eyes.

The easiest method to use almond oil is to massage it around the eyes at night gently and leave it on overnight. By doing this daily, the blood circulation will increase, and the dark circles will disappear slowly.

Almond Oil Remedies And Benefits:

  • Health benefits: It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  • Rich in vitamins: It contains Vitamin E, vitamin K, and retinol, which takes care of under-eye health.
  • Lightening properties: Helps in the removal and fading away of dark circles and can be used by all skin types, sensitive, dry, and oily skin.
  • Cleanser: It can go through the skin and unclog the build-up dirt and oil and works as a wonderful makeup remover.
  • Non-comedogenic: The oil does not have the propensity to block the pores of the skin.

You can use almond oil in any of the below-mentioned ways to remove dark circles:

  • Almond oil massage: Before you go to bed at night, clean the under eye area with cleansing milk and massage the area with almond oil. Leave it overnight and wash off in the morning with plain water. Do this regularly and you can start seeing differences within a week.
  • Almond oil with coconut oil: Coconut oil has wide-ranging skin nourishing properties and it can be very efficient in moisturizing the subtle under-eye area while assisting in removing the dark patches from the skin. Mix an equal amount of almond oil and coconut oil and use this oil mixture to massage the under-eye area for a couple of minutes lightly. Let it be there on the skin for a whole night and in the morning wash off with water. Repeat daily.
  • Almond oil with aloe vera: Aloe Vera has high vitamin E content and it can humidify the skin from deep within. Aloe Vera can also be extremely effective to eliminate the dark circles under the eyes together with the fine lines. Make fresh Aloe Vera juice and mix it with a spoon of almond oil. Use this mixture for massaging the under eye area and then leave it for an hour. Remove the oil from the skin with a cotton ball lightly before going to bed but do not rinse. Wash off in the morning with normal water.
  • Almond Oil and Honey: Honey has natural bleaching and anti-inflammatory properties. This assists in reducing dark circles and blemishes under the eyes. Honey and almond oil go well together and enhance the texture under the eye. Mix an equal amount of almond oil and organic honey and then use fingers to apply the mixture below the eyes. Leave it overnight and in the morning rinse it well and gently dry the area.

By following any of these above-mentioned tips regularly you will notice that the dark circles under the eyes are fading gradually.

Badam Rogan is one of the most popular organic products which is useful in reducing eye wrinkles and dark circles naturally. This oil is a great source of Magnesium, Vitamin E, Phosphorus, and Copper and is a chemical and preservative-free natural oil which comprises no artificial fragrance or color. Badam Rogan consists of almond oil and antioxidant-rich ingredients which also assists in preventing the signs of aging and fine lines.

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