Five essential Ayurvedic herbs to reduce muscle pain.

Our body asks for special care when we feel low or stressed, but most people keep on doing things in their routine and forget about their body requirements. Our health is our wealth, and this is what we need to understand first. There are many health and body related issues that we are facing now without taking care of them. We need to stop our daily routine for a while so that we can focus on our health. Many of us are suffering from muscle, joint, and knee pain.

It can result from any injury, doing heavy exercise, or maybe due to age effect. The reason can be any, but the important thing is what we are doing to cure this pain. Having muscle pain or stiffness will not allow you to work, walk, or sleep properly. The medications or painkillers are available to deal with muscle pain, but it is always advisable to go for ayurvedic treatment. You can use Relief-On oil on the affected area to get relief from the pain of any stiffness. There are many herbs to reduce muscle pain treatment.

Our body first gives intimation or signals to take a note and find a remedy for the same, but most of us wait for the moment when the pain worsens. Here are natural remedies to try to get relief from the pain:

  • Relaxing your body: You need to relax for a while and have to stop doing everything. You must sit or lay down in a relaxing posture so that your muscles can feel relaxed. It will relax you not only physically but also mentally. Due to excessive burden or doing more physical activity, our capacity can lead to muscle stiffness or strain. But if we keep on following the same routine even after the stiffness or injury, then the pain can become severe. You can apply Relief-On oil to the affected area as soon as you face any muscle pain or stiffness.

Many people ignore the minor pain or strain and then have to face the major injury. Ignoring the signs that your body gives you is the first step towards the wrong path. So, understand signals and work for a speedy recovery.

  • Get a massage: The massage is the natural way to get rid of muscle pain, but it will only work if you use the most effective oil. You can use Relief-On oil to massage as a therapy. It will provide you relief from the pain and also decreases the stiffness in muscles. Massaging the affected area can boost blood circulation in that area and reduce the pain. You can also massage two-three times a day as per the severity of the pain. Many people commit mistakes while massaging the affected area by applying more force to the area. It would help if you used soft hands to massage the affected area not to harm any tissue inside your body.
  • Go for a healthy diet: We must understand the fact that food can be a natural healer. You must consume healthy foods that are rich in nutrients. Go for the foods that possess natural sugar, salt, or juice. Avoid eating excessive salty or sugary food. Make a diet chart and try to follow it by adding healthy food that will help relieve muscle pain. You can add a vitamin D rich diet, nuts, seeds, whole grains, honey, cottage cheese, turmeric, spinach, etc., to your daily routine.
  • Natural herbs: The Relief-On oil is the best because it this made from ayurvedic herbs. Here are some essential ayurvedic herbs already part of Relief-On oil and beneficial for joint pain, muscle pain, stiffness, etc.

  1. Eucalyptus or tailaparna: The eucalyptus plant is also known as bluegum and fever tree. This plant offers the primary ingredient that used as an essential oil for muscle or joint pain. It is very well known for reducing pain due to the presence of cineole and limonene extracts. It is even used after knee replacement surgery so the patient’s pain can be reduced. Not only this, but there are many other benefits of this oil, like it helps treat sore muscles. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties as well.
  2. Clove or Lavang: Clove is a commonly used ingredient in the kitchen, and we all know about it. But we may not be aware of the benefits of clove oil in healing muscle pain. The clove or Lavang helps boost the blood flow, and that is why it heals muscle pain. It is even used to treat severe headaches. The Relief-On oil has clove or Lavang as a major ingredient; this means you don’t have to make clove oil separately to get its benefits; it is already in it.
  3. Karpura or camphor: This organic compound is used in many ointments, and its oil is used to treat different problems. The camphor is a natural pain reliever as well as treats inflammation. The camphor is also used as a muscle relaxant when mixed with other essential oils. You can use oil or a spray that includes camphor. Use Relief-On oil on the affected area to reduce the pain, as it provides camphor. It is also helpful in treating the problem of arthritis.
  4. Khurasani ajwain or carom seeds: There are many medicinal properties present in ajwain that help correct and prevent many health issues. It includes anodyne, which is a natural pain reliever and is antispasmodic. It also helps in avoiding spasms and cramps. It is known to treat joint pain, ear pain, liver pain, and other urinary problems. You will get the benefits of this ingredient with the use of Relief-On oil.
  5. Gandhapura or wintergreen: The following essential herb known to help reduce muscle pain is Gandhapura, also known as wintergreen. The oil of wintergreen contains medicinal properties, and that is why it is used in many ways. It possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, and anti-septic properties. This oil absorbs better in the skin and works rapidly. This oil also contains aromatic properties along with other medicinal properties. You can get relief from your muscle pain, muscle stiffness, cramps, etc., with this oil.

So, these are some of the essential herbs known for treating severe or mild muscle pain. If you are looking for most effective oil for muscle pain, then your search stops at Relief-On oil. There is no need to find or search these herbs separately, as you can benefit from all these herbs in just one oil. This means Relief-On oil by Torque Ayurveda will be your one-stop solution for every kind of pain, including joint, knee, strain, toe, elbow, hand pain, etc. You can massage well on the affected area to get relief from the pain.

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