Home Remedies of Indigestion

A lot of you must have heard the phrase “You are what you eat” when we talk about nutrition and health. Even though the quality of your food is extremely important but what is more important is its digestion of the food we eat. We would not be wrong if we re-phrase this and say you are what you digest. It is exactly why you would have or heard several people looking for methods of digestion improvement Ayurveda or other home remedies before they need to visit a doctor.

The process of digestion begins from one’s mouth; it is breaking down the food that we may have consumed into smaller components, which are later absorbed by our bloodstream. 

Digestion can be of 2 basic types namely:

  • Mechanical Digestion: In mechanical digestion, the food that we eat is broken down into smaller parts mechanically. The process begins from the mouth by chewing the food, the teeth and tongue have a significant role to play here since it is them that allow the food to move around the mouth and support chewing.
  • Chemical Digestion: Our body produces several Chemicals and enzymes. It is when these chemicals and enzymes break your food into small components; the process is called Chemical digestion. This process also starts from the mouth and the saliva amylase, which is a protein that helps in the breakdown of the carbohydrates. The process of chemical digestion takes place all through the digestive system along with the gastric acid in one’s stomach, enzymes of the intestines, and pancreas.

Food Treatment Process

  1. Of the seven steps involved in the process of digestion, the first step is the very process of eating, named as Ingestion.
  2. The Second step involves moving the food through the digestive tract which is named propulsion. This is named propulsion because the steps involve constant contraction and relaxation of the muscles that are lining the wall of the digestive organs. It is this movement that allows the movement of food all along the digestive tract.
  3. Secretions from the third step. The Digestive Enzymes that are secreted come in touch with the other substances and further adjust the pH level of the food along with chemically breaking it down.
  4. Mechanical Digestion: The stage of physical breakdown of food as mentioned above takes place here in the process.
  5. Chemical Digestion: The enzymes of the small intestines and the stomach take the process further by chemically breaking the food.
  6. Absorption forms the second last stage of digestion and is an important one. The step takes care of the movement of the molecules that are present in the digestive tract to the bloodstream and lymphatic vessels. The digested food, which now is called nutrients, enters the body under this step.
  7. Defecation: An important essential step is to flush out all the unwanted and undigested food from the tract via the anus and finally out.

It is these stages that form the basic digestion process. Clean food and a healthy lifestyle can avoid any digestion issues, but in case one is caught up in a situation of indigestion, there are several ways of dealing with it. These could be at-home natural remedies, antibiotics, over-the-counter medicines, and even syrup for improving digestion.  

Let us begin with home remedies that can take care of indigestion

  • Peppermint Tea: A lot of us think that peppermint is a great way to take care of bad breath, as it is a good freshener. One fact about peppermint that we don’t often know is that it has some great antispasmodic effects on the body, which helps in tackling any sort of stomach issues such as indigestion and even nausea. A hot cup of tea after your meals can be the perfect thing for your stomach to ease digestion.
  • Chamomile Tea: Just like the Peppermint Tea, another tea that is known for health benefits is Chamomile tea. This tea is great for calming your body and inducing sleep. It can take care of any discomfort in your gut and also reduces the stomach acid which is great for relieving any sort of indigestion. Chamomile tea is a great anti-inflammatory.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: There are conditions where even too little stomach acid can cause indigestion, ACV is known for increasing this stomach acid and therefore preventing or curing any indigestion caused. One important thing to remember here is that it should be taken in a small and restricted amount as too much consumption of Apple cider vinegar can have negative effects such as nausea and tooth decay. 
  • Ginger: Another very famous method of treating indigestion is consuming ginger. Ginger is said to reduce the acid in an individual’s stomach. We know that way too little acid in the stomach causes indigestion but if the acid is too much the same effects are seen. Consumption of Ginger should be restricted to 3-5gms as too much may lead to heartburn and also gas.
  • Fennel: Another great method of dealing with indigestion or any form of stomach issues like cramping or bloating is by eating fennel seeds
  • Lemon Water: Lemon water is said to have a neutralizing effect on the acid that is in the stomach, therefore mixing a tablespoon of lemon juice in hot water or lukewarm water helps to relieve digestion.
  • Licorice root: The licorice root is amazing to calm any sort of inflammation or muscle spasm that may have happened in the tract. This inflammation can cause indigestion and chewing licorice root can relieve the pain.
  • Baking soda: Sodium Bicarbonate is known as a quick neutralizer of the acid in one’s stomach. It relieves one from indigestion, gas, bloating, and several other stomach related problems. Even though baking soda is considered safe and non-toxic but in case you drink too much of it, this also welcomes unwanted side effects like vomiting, irritation, and several others.

So, the next time you have any sort of indigestion look for one of these ingredients in your kitchen and get relief from any stomach-related problems. 

Another method of getting rid of digestion related problems is picking up products that have natural ingredients. Not always should one act when the problem has arisen, sometimes it is important to treat or rather prevent a condition of discomfort from the very beginning. One tried and tested method of doing so is by taking natural syrups that aid in digestion. One such well-known syrup is Torzyme syrup. This syrup has been working well in the market and is known to act fast in any conditions of gastric disturbances. It can successfully cure indigestion, constipation, and even an infection in the stomach that may have been caused due to the presence of worms. Made of all-natural ingredients this is a great option.

Consider visiting a doctor

Even though something like indigestion is extremely common, some symptoms should never be ignored. Frequent indigestion could be due to some chronic digestive problems and this if left unattended could even lead to life-threatening diseases like cancer. Some symptoms one should not avoid are: 

  1. Trouble in swallowing
  2. vomits
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Fatigue
  5. Black and painful stools

Remember that it is always better to visit a doctor on time and diagnose the condition and follow with the appropriate treatment.

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