You know Ayurveda speaks out that the birth of a child does trigger an imbalance in the doshas of the body as a huge gap is formed up in the womb that was once engaged by the fetus and her placenta. The procedure of childbirth that is physically demanding and rigorous does excite Vayu. Once Vayu gets aroused, it is in its character to rush in and take up the vacant spaces and childbirth gives Vayu a huge space to dwell in.

Hence, conventional postnatal practices center around nourishing, ghee, and oil-based warm food and regimens such as abhyanga to eradicate fatigue, cater strength back to the body, and diminish the probability of Vayu rushing in and distressing the dosha of the body balance. It is important to give attention to postnatal care in Ayurveda. You know the approach of Ayurvedic towards motherhood and childbirth is an all-inclusive and holistic one.

Postnatal care 

It is important to note that the foremost first three months after delivery is important for the mother. It is because this is the time in which she has to get back to the physical fitness that she had and accurate lactation. You know during this period, the expanded uterus does shrink back to normal size, muscles, ligaments, and tendons linked up with the uterus begin to gain back the lost power. Indeed, motherhood is a happy moment in the life of a woman. But this is possible only if her health is taken proper care of during the postnatal time.

Furthermore, the postnatal period or that of puerperium is known as “Sutikakala”. The time of sutikakala is generally one to two months (forty-five days). Postnatal care or that of the Sutikaparicharya is of absolute importance in a mother. It is because during this period she restores her health. Moreover, a specific and special diet plan is advised for this period to restore the loss of reproductive dhatus, fluids, and blood during the time of pregnancy and delivery. The digestive flames of the sutika are going to be altered hence food has to be light and it must also be nourishing.

Indeed, if you are going to take it lightly then you are wrong. Proper adherence to this type of regimen is important for quicker recuperation and restoration of the health of the mother. Sufficient care and prescribed regimen make sure that the mother gets back her figure and health of the same kind to that of her pre-pregnancy times.

What is the purpose of postnatal care?

As per Ayurveda after the delivery, Agni gets hampered and Vata gets vitiated. Hence the care is chiefly aimed at the alteration of these.

  • reinstatement of Agni (digestive fire)
  • Normalization of vata

Insurance of quality of breast milk

  • To evade any type of exertion
  • Diet has to be very light

Oil massages are a must 

To rectify the vata, proper oil massages are needed. Certainly, oil massages are really important because they would strengthen the body of the female and also make her feel better. It would also eliminate the bodily pains to a great extent. But make sure that the message is given by professional hands. You cannot simply pour the oil on the body and splash it all over the surface. There has to be a gentle touch and proper motion for the right massage. Since the body has undergone so much transformation, the massage has to be done with light hands but effectively.

You know what a common mistake most of the families make is that they give the entire attention to the child. But that should not be done. You have to be sure that the new mother is getting proper care and rest. If she is exerting taking care of the child, she can fall sick. It is important to be more specific about the rest, food, diet, and overall health care. Here if you opt for Oil massages, these are known to enhance blood circulation, relieve the tension in muscles, and wipe away stress. Postnatal oil massages are going to soothe the aching body and ease the procedure of recovery. It is even known to enhance the production of oxytocin and it would result in better breast milk flow. Moreover, taking into consideration the fact that your body just has undergone a major transformation, oil massage is the correct step forward towards the retrieval of your old glow and health.

Various types of oils are wonderful for massages. And for new mothers, these proper and effective massages with the right oils are blessings. You have to take the oil that is suitable for your body and the baby. Indeed, after all, you are going to be nearest to your child, you have to be careful about what you are applying to your body. Also, keep in mind the allergies if you have any. Make sure that you don’t end up using oil that you are allergic to. One more thing, if you have experienced a normal delivery, then you can easily begin oil massage as soon as you get back home. Most of the mothers do begin the massaging in five to six days. But remember that if you have undergone a C-section, then you have to give the injury some time to heal before you begin the massage. It would be better if you start it only after one to two weeks. The best would be to have a word with your doctor before you start. In an ideal sense, you have to continue the massage routine for an initial forty days to get the utmost benefits.

You can use Badam Rogan, sweet-smelling oil that is conveniently absorbed by the skin and owns moisturizing properties. Maybe it is quite expensive to use, but it is known to diminish stretch marks, irritation, muscle pains, and enhance the complexion.


Thus, once you keep good care of your health after postnatal, you would experience a healthy and happier life sooner.

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