How Ayurveda Helps in Skin Diseases

Our topic may seem very general but there are a lot of us who are unaware of even the basics. Sometimes one may not even know that he or she is suffering from a skin disease and that they even need some kind of treatment. Skin is the largest organ among all the organs and we must take full care of it because in some cases these small concerns may even lead to life-threatening diseases. Skin diseases may be of different severities and symptoms and they could be either temporary or permanent. In some cases, they could be extremely painful and someone might not even feel a thing. Skin disorders could also be genetic.

In most cases, the skin disease can be easily cured by an over-the-counter ointment or cream, an antibiotic, and sometimes even some syrup for skin disease can be taken. In case one notices an unusual happening on the skin it is advised that you visit the doctor promptly to avoid any hassles later.

Some of the skin diseases that are common and can be figured out easily by an individual are as under:

  1. Acne: One of the most known and common skin disorders known to humans is acne. Almost all of us have been infected by acne at some of the other stages of life. Most commonly they are seen in the early years of one’s life and the later years. Acne is located more near the face, shoulders, neck, chest, and even upper back. In case the scars are left untreated they turn into scars and sometimes even darkened the skin. One should avoid touching or picking them. 
  2. Cold Sore: This is a red, painful, pus-filled blister that usually occurs near the lips and mouth. The area that is affected usually burns or stings before the actual sore becomes visible. One may also notice symptoms like fever, body pain, and swelling in lymphatic nodes when there is an outbreak.
  3. Blisters: Blisters are usually areas of the skin that are risen and filled with fluid that is watery and clear. Blisters can be alone or even in groups and may be placed anywhere on your body.
  4. Hives: These are itchy and raised and usually occur when the skin has been exposed to an allergen. These are usually warm and painful. The shapes in which they occur are very random.
  5. Rosacea: This one is a chronic disease and usually follows a pattern of fading and then coming back again. Foods such as alcohol, spicy food, sunlight, and stress are triggers for this one. You can identify this by symptoms such as redness on the face, red bumps, flushing of the face, skin being extra sensitive and dry.
  6. Eczema: When the skin has white or yellow patches that are scaly and flake off, the condition is eczema. The area that has been infected becomes red, oily, and itchy. One of the ways to confirm the condition is to check for a condition where hair loss occurs in the affected area.
  • Just like there are several others we can go on pages and pages about them. The other diseases could be measles, Cellulitis, Psoriasis, Melanoma, and several others.

 The most common causes of Skin diseases that are known to us are as under:

  1. Genetic reasons
  2. A weak immune system 
  3. Occurrence of virus
  4. Parasites, fungus, or even some microorganisms that could be living on the skin.
  5. Bacteria that could have been trapped in the hair follicles or even pores of the skin.
  6. Contact that may have happened with an irritant, another individual that has infected skin, and even allergens.
  7. A certain illness that could affect the thyroid, kidney, immunity, and sometimes other body parts as well

Even though there are some common causes that could lead to skin diseases, one more factor that could have an impact on the skin is the lifestyle of the individual. There are also skin diseases that have no cause at all and they just occur.

Treatment of Skin Diseases

A lot of the skin diseases that are known to us are treatable by some of the other methods. some of the common treatment methods that are used worldwide are:

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Medicated Creams, ointments, and even skin diseases syrup
  3. Lasers treatment
  4. Prescribed medicines for target area
  5. Antihistamines
  6. Steroids and even Vitamins

Just like the over-the-counter medicines can be used to get rid of several skin diseases, we can also use some other home remedies to treat or sometimes even soothe symptoms of most of the skin diseases. Rash, itching, and redness as we know are the most common symptoms that are known to us and the treatment for them is just in our kitchen and can be used at the primary stages of the disease so that the severity can be avoided.

Some natural remedies are:

  1. Baking Soda: One of the most commonly used ingredients for treating itching and inflammation is Baking Soda. Not only does this soothe the itch but it also dries out any skin rash. All that you have to do is prepare a thick paste of this with water and apply to the affected area and thereby wash it. If repeated every day this remedy works.
  2. Olive Oil: for all those irritating and uncomfortable days when your rash starts to itch, use olive oil to soothe it. You could apply it directly or mix it with a carrier oil.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar: This one is another favorite that is fast-acting and great for rashes and calming the inflammation. The only thing to remember while using this is to buy the raw and unpasteurized form of Apple Cider Vinegar; else the results may not be as good as we want.
  4. A Cold Press: Some diseases come with inflammation as a side effect. A cold press is a perfect way to quickly get rid of inflammation. It also soothes itching and rashes.
  5. Aloe Vera: An excellent method of treating several skin diseases is by rubbing Aloe Vera gel on the affected areas.
  6. Chamomile: Chamomile is known to soothe the skin and help in reducing and healing blisters.
  7. Almond Oil: Almond oil is known to have an abundance of Vitamin E, which in turn is great for keeping the skin healthy and guarded. Fatty acids that are present in the oil keeps the skin hydrated and soothes any sort of irritation or itching. Vitamin A fights acne and its scar. One can make use of all-natural Oils like the Badam Roghan Sweet Oil, which are versatile and can be used by kids and adults both. You could consume this as syrup or apply it externally. 

Even though some diseases are not in our hands but there are certain measures that one could take so that they do not land up with a skin disease. One way of keeping the disease at bay is by making use of blood purifiers. Removing toxins from the skin is an important function that the body needs to perform. If your blood is not cleansed it could lead to conditions such as acne, hives, blisters, blemishes, and many more. 

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