How to improve your hair growth and thickness?

Women are very much conscious about their hair, consciousness towards hairs is very natural because hair is one of the most important parts of the body which also enhances the personality. as per women’s psychology, they think that healthy hair makes them more attractive. Just to make themselves look beautiful; women do a lot to improve the health of their hair. There are a lot of chemical-based and ayurvedic based treatments that they usually go through to make their hair look healthy.

According to our grandmothers, they always used to say that oiling the hair regularly will make the hair go thick, strong, and shining. Oiling hair was their secret mantra for healthy hairs. So considering their mantra in mind now the question arises which is the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth and thickness? As there are so many hair oils that are assuring their customers with guaranteed results. It is up to the customer with which ayurvedic product they will go with.

Today everyone is working and is always surrounded by work. So, it might not be possible for everyone to go for oiling regularly. But as we can see the pollution in the environment, it is causing much harm to the hair. So, considering the busy schedule and the increase in pollution in the environment, here are some tips that are less time consuming and are very effective in improving the health of the hairs. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Handle your hair gently: yes, this is one of the most effective tips, as the damaged hairs are a little brittle and they need to handle lots of care. If the person roughly handles the hair. It may cause slits end, break, and more dizziness in the hair. To improve the health of the hair handle them with care whether they are dry or wet. First of all, whenever you are applying shampoo or any other hair growth oil, use your fingers and gently pull the product from hair roots to tips. Do not scrub your hair roughly. The second thing is always to wash your hair with lukewarm water, not hot water. Squeeze the water from hairs gently and pat them with a soft towel.
  • Wash hair less often: washing hairs more frequently will make the hair look dry and frizzier. Washing them will result in the loss of natural oil that protects the hair from being dry. Wash your hair just once or twice a week. Following this tip will give you results in just a week. Things to consider while washing hair is to use the shampoo as much as you need to wash hair. Your hair should not be dropped into much soap. If your roots start looking oily, you can give a touch up with dry shampoo. After a few weeks of washing the hair for less will result in longer as well as shiner hair. Do not use dry shampoo in excess, as excess usage of anything is bad.
  • Let the hair air dry; this is also one of the effective tips that result in better health of the hair. You might have probably heard of the thing that hair dryers are damaging hair. So it is better not to use hairdryers and let the hair air dry. Air dry will result in less frizz and dryness. It is also recommended to use less of the heating tools like curling or straighteners. If not required don’t use it. If you feel that you need to use the hairdryer, use it at the lowest temperature as this will not do much harm to the texture.
  • Use comb, do not brush: a wide-tooth comb will be a better tool for detangling the hairs gently. As the brushes with plastic bristles violently pull hair while detangling that results in breaks. Start working on this tip this is also a very effective tip that improves the health of hair in less time. And while detangling the hairs make sure to start the detangling process from the tips and then go up to the tips. This will put less pressure on the roots and there will be less breakage of hair.
  • Stop damaging hair with treatments: today many ladies are going through the treatments of coloring, bleaching, and chemically straightening the hairs. All these ways are not good for the health of the hair. If you want to color your hair, you can try subtle henna or tea as a dye to color hair.
  • Use natural products: many companies are manufacturing shampoos, hair oil, and conditioners with ingredients that cause damage to hair. If you want to restore the health of the hair, switch to ayurvedic products. All these products contain natural ingredients that are safe enough to apply to hair. Ayurvedic oil like ketomac hair oil is considered to be one of the best natural products for hair.
  • Have a balanced diet: yes, this will also help to improve the health of the hairs. The food that we eat has an impact on the hair. If the person is consuming junk food, he might not have enough nutrients that are required for the growth of the hair. So the best way to avoid any sort of deficiency in nutrients is to include a variety of food rich in proteins like fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, grains, etc.
  • Trim your hair often: having regular trims of hair will remove the damaged hair and will make your hair look healthy. It is better to get a trim after every 6-8 weeks despite the fact that your hairs are long or short. even trimming regularly will improve the growth of hair.

So all these tips will help in improving the health of the hairs. But as our grandmother’s mantra says, oiling is the best way to make the hair look strong, thick, and shiner. It is better to go for ayurvedic hair oil. And the best hair oil is Ketomac hair oil that is known for its great results. This oil is 100% made up of natural ingredients that can be used by people of all ages. The primary benefit of this oil is to reduce hair fall, prevent hair from thinning, relieve itchy scalp, and strengthen the roots of the hair. Even the massage of this oil calms the mind and also promotes sound sleep. This hair oil assures the overall health and beauty of hair. This oil also has antifungal and anti-dandruff properties.

You can apply this oil in a generous quantity on the scalp. Give a nice massage for a few minutes and cover the head with a towel. You can leave this oil overnight for better absorption of nutrients from oil and also for better results. Ketomac oil and Ketomac shampoo is the best combination that will improve the health of the hair. The hair growth oil price is also very reasonable. Many customers are very much satisfied with the results of this oil. Many doctors too are recommending this oil to people who are facing any hair-related problem. Follow the tips that help in making your hair look strong and shiny.

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