Overcome Your Problem Of Constipation With Badam Oil

Constipation occurs when a person is having trouble emptying the large intestine. Constipation can occur for many causes, such as when stubble moves too slowly through the colon. The quicker the food passes through the digestive tract, the more water the colon consumes, and the harder it becomes for the feces. A person who poops less than three times a week can get constipation.

A blockage in the large intestine often results in constipation. An individual would need urgent medical attention in this situation. On some occasions, it may just be because of a lack of fibre or water.

Home remedies and changes in lifestyle can often help resolve it, but sometimes, medical attention may be required. The problem of constipation can be easily cured using ayurvedic badam roghan oil. It is a perfect oil for constipation and other digestive issues when consumed regularly.

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms of constipation include infrequent movements of the intestines, pain while going to the bathroom, hard and/or small feces, a feeling of inadequate evacuation after going to the bathroom, lower abdominal distress, abdominal bloating, sometimes distension (bloating), anal bleeding or painful cracks triggered by hard feces, occasionally diarrhea due to hard stool obstruction of the intestine, colonic perforation, psychological discomfort and/or fixation with having to go to the toilet, and potential aggravation of the diverticular disease, hemorrhoids, and rectal prolapse.


  • Some medications only can sometimes cause constipation. These include pain relief drugs, Tricyclic antidepressants, Certain anticonvulsants, and many other drugs that might cause constipation.
  • Bowel movements are subject to volunteer monitoring. Which means you can block the natural urge you get when you need to have one. Though it may be necessary sometimes to suppress an urge to defecate, doing so too often can cause desires to vanish and contribute to constipation.
  • Fibre is essential in keeping a smooth, voluminous stool. Hence eating low-fibre foods can cause constipation. Fruit, vegetables, and whole grains are the best natural sources of fibre.
  • Over-use of stimulant laxatives is one alleged cause of severe constipation.
  • The estrogen and progesterone levels are high at the time of a woman’s menstrual periods. That’s never a chronic situation, though. Elevated estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy also cause constipation.

Whatever the causes are, the Ayurveda BadamRoghan oil, when consumed regularly, can regulate bowel movements. It is one of the best oil for constipation relief.

Other uses of almond badam roghan oil

Almonds are a Nutrient Powerhouse. Besides a variety of other minerals and vitamins, almond oil is rich in vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium, and zinc. The almond oil is light and aromatic, making it even more desirable to use. For many, many generations in India, it is one of the most widely used hair oil, in addition to coconut oil. You have to make sure that the one you use is pure and that there is no contamination.


Promotes spotless skin

Almond oil has hypoallergenic properties and is also mild which also makes it great for sensitive skin. Another explanation of why almond oil is so good for the skin is because it has rich vitamin E, which is a very efficient antioxidant. Regularly apply the oil, and your skin can easily fight off stress and UV damage. Almond Oil can be a miracle cure for dark circles and bags of eyes

Deep Cleanses Skin & Prevents Acne

One of the best features of almond oil is that it is very light. This makes it easy for both the body to absorb it and for the oil to penetrate deeply into the skin and get rid of accumulated debris. This, in turn, stops acne from forming.

Relieves psoriasis and eczema

If you are struggling with any skin conditions mentioned, keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized is essential. The hypoallergenic almond oil does just that.

Treats Skin Rashes

Almond oil is a safer and more effective skin rashes remedy than any other zinc-based cream prescribed by doctors. Because almond oil is rich in zinc content and does not have any side effects at all. It also removes tan.

Reduces the signs of aging

The symptoms of skin aging caused by exposure to factors such as heat, smoke as well as dehydration can be reversed with the aid of almond oil.

Almond Oil Soothing Properties

A bruise is created when the blood vessel bursts under your skin because of a specific injury. It takes 3-5 days for this blood clot to heal completely. Almond, however, has healing properties that assist with bruising.


It can cure dandruff

A dandruff build-up often affects hair follicles to treat dandruff and hair damage as it settles in the scalp and around the hair roots and does not allow the necessary oxygen to reach it. Almond oil helps to soften dandruff that loosens its hold on the scalp and can be easily cleaned off after oiling when shampooing.

Helps in scalp infection and inflammation

Pollution, dust, chemicals, and heat in hair products can build up in the hair and cause inflammation and infection to affect it. Unaware of ignoring these causes lead to reduced hair, dandruff, etc. Almond oil anti-inflammatory properties soothe and reduce inflammation.

Treats hair loss and split ends

Inflammation of the scalp and building up of dandruff can contribute to hair loss. Many other factors, such as lack of adequate nutrition, hair dryness, etc. also result in increased hair loss, as well as split ends. What your hair needs are hydration boost, and any inflammation and dandruff removal. In just that, almond oil works. It also encourages hair re-growth and reduces hair thinning. Magnesium, calcium, and zinc are contained in Almond oil. Less magnesium and calcium can result in less hair growth and, in the end, hair loss

For healthy and stronger hair

Almond oil is high in antioxidants and has vitamin E in it. Antioxidants neutralize problem-free radicals, which affect the health of the hair. It also helps combat hair damage caused by various factors such as pollution, chemicals, sun, etc.


Regulates cholesterol

The ability to control cholesterol is one of the most widely known advantages of almond oil. Regular use of almond oil raises HDL cholesterol (known as “good” cholesterol), decreases LDL (“bad” cholesterol), and, in general, naturally reduces overall cholesterol levels.

Prevents heart diseases

You can not only expect better levels of cholesterol with almond oil as a regular part of your diet, but you can also look forward to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Heart disease, including high cholesterol, is often caused by chronic inflammation, and many other disorders.

Protects against Diabetes

Diabetes occurs when your blood sugar is high because your pancreas or cells are unable to produce insulin efficiently. Almonds and almond oil have proven to help both control blood sugar levels and even prevent diabetes

Promotes Healthy Weight

Also, an almond-enriched diet can help you shed extra pounds and quickly lose weight. Much study has shown that people who eat almonds (or almond oil) as a regular part of their diets show more significant weight loss than people on a balanced diet with no almonds.

Keeps Your Colon and Rectum Safe

Apart from being an essential oil for constipation relief, it can relieve you from all the digestive problems and maintain the homeostasis of the body at balance.

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