People in today’s modern age are found to be more than depressed, with many even taking up their lives. The present age is rather the age of intense pressure both at the workplace and maintaining a family. Both males and females of all ages are affected by it. Even celebrities across the globe having everything in life still face stress and depression.

What is stress & depression?

Stress is caused due to excess pressure and depression usually is associated with being unhappy and sad. It is also regarded to be a wide phenomenon, having a negative mindset with regards to anything and everything or being unwell. There might not be any specific cause for the person being sad. People experiencing depression can undergo high levels of negativity, anxiety, and a feeling which simply fails to leave them.


The common symptoms tend to include loss of energy, interest, sadness even on not having any particular reason, not enjoying pleasurable things of life, being gloomy throughout the day and self-harm can be termed to be an evident depression symptom.

Causes of depression

As stated before, no particular cause is found for depression to take place. But, identifying the root cause can help get proper treatment, which can be some family problems, past trauma, unemployment, lack of finance or confidence, etc. Some might not be able to withstand the pressure of life, work, or disapproval or may have to face high expectations from colleagues, parents, and the like.

About depression

According to medical experts, depression is stated to be a complex problem and may linger for months or perhaps years before being confirmed. According to studies, millions of men and women across the globe do suffer from some kind of depressive disorder. Unfortunately, a good number even are not aware of the fact of their being sick and requiring immediate and proper treatment. Ayurvedic medicine for depression like Badam Rogan from Torque Ayurveda can be a wonderful and safe remedy.

Types of depression

Day to day stress is faced by people in general and it has become a common term these days. Trying to navigate the different obstacles of life can be quite difficult. Economic trouble has only created more difficulties for many families. Stress does lead to the forming of depressive feelings. Several types of depression occur. There is a manic, clinical, medical, and mental depressive disorder. Depressive disorders might arise due to various causes, with one being brain chemistry, simple biological issues, carried by individual DNA.

Some depressive disorders

  • Major depression: It is a serious type of symptom number and severity. However, there does exist significant differences in severity and symptoms. There is no need to have that suicidal feeling to be in this category or history of hospitalization.
  • Unspecified: Researchers studying other types and not eager to confound their data with marginal diagnoses take the help of this category. It does include those with a serious case, however, not much severe to have major form. It also includes those having moderate, chronic, not present sufficient enough for Dysthymic disorder diagnosis.
  • Dysthymic Disorder: it refers to moderate to low level persisting for about 2 years or much longer. Although symptoms noticed are not that severe like that of any major version, they can be more resistant to treatment and enduring. People suffering from this can develop a major case at any point in time.
  • Bipolar: It includes low and high mood swings, including different types of significant symptoms that might not be present in other disease forms.
  • Adjustment disorder: It describes the one that occurs with a response to any major life crisis or stressor.

Other depressive categories

  • SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder): This depressive disorder type is characterized by major case episodes that reoccur at a particular time in the year, which can be winter, fall, etc. Depressive periods may occur in the last two years a minimum of two times, but without any episodes occurring at different periods.
  • Post-partum: Post-pregnancy may face a major depressive episode. Usually, the symptoms start 4 weeks after delivery of the baby and might vary in duration and intensity.
  • Chronic: Such major depressive episodes might last for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Anxiety: Anxiety might accompany depression. The depressed individual is likely to experience unwanted anxiety symptoms, like panic attacks or anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia panic disorder, PTSD, etc.
  • Endogenous: This stands for within the body and is defined as a depressed feeling for no reason.
  • Double: Those suffering from Dysthymia (chronic mild) might experience more severe symptoms of depression that could last for about 2 weeks (major depressive episode).
  • Agitated: This is a major depressive disorder that is associated with agitation like emotional and physical restlessness, insomnia, and irritability, something opposite to other depressed individuals having a low feeling, energy and slowed down mentally and physically.
    • Reactive or situational (termed as depressed mood with adjustment disorder): Such symptoms tend to develop due to specific stressful events or situations like relationship ending or job loss. It can occur in three months of stressor, lasting for about six months after the ending of the stressor. Significant impairs or distresses usually function like school, work, and relationships. Atypical: It is considered to be a subtype of Dysthymia or major and is characterized by temporary mood improvement in response to any positive event. The person also experiences the following like Significant increase in appetite or weight gain
    • Long-standing sensitivity to rejection pattern
    • Heavier feeling in legs or arms
    • Oversleeping
  • Psychotic: Psychotic symptoms like hallucinations such as hearing voices or false beliefs like delusions with a major depressive episode.

One common form is probably a major depressive disorder. There are many suffering from it in some form or the other and gets disinterested in whatever is happening around and becomes aloof from every type of activity. There is an available ayurvedic treatment for depression from reputed companies like Torque Ayurveda that offers products like Badam Rogan.

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