Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Instant Pain Relief

Knee pain is a very common problem faced by people nowadays. Usually, these pains require professional attention from doctors and various kinds of treatments. But the mild and moderate types of knee pain can also be treated at home by following various home remedies. People can also go with the option of ayurvedic medicine for knee pain. One must be very cautious before attempting any of the home remedies. Proper medical attention must be required by the individuals in case of severe pain which is caused by any injury. Even in the extreme cases of arthritis, surgeries are also recommended by the doctors.

In case the pain is just because of minor injury or inflammation, then one can go with the option of home remedies.

Some of the naturals ways to relieve knee and joint pains have been mentioned as follows:


  1. Using the RICE formula: In the cases of leg twisting and minor pains, one can go with the option of this formula as first aid at home. This is very much successful to treat sprains. The RICE is an acronym for rest, using ice, going for compression, and elevation. One can use a bag of ice as a cold-based compress to the knee. In such cases one can also use the frozen based vegetables like peas in case ice is not available. For this, one must wrap the knee with a bandage so that there is no swelling. It must not be done so tightly that it will cut off the circulation of blood. At the time of resting, one must keep the foot elevated so that one can have relief.


  1. With the help of a Chinese exercise called Tai Chi: This is an ancient Chinese-based exercise. It involves balancing as well as flexibility with the help of mind-body based exercise. According to research, this is very much successful to provide relief to patients with arthritis. It will help in reducing the pain and increasing the motion range. This is also linked with a mental-based discipline which helps to teach on how to cope up with chronic pain.


  1. Doing proper exercising and managing the weight: All people who suffer from joint-related pains must go with the option of daily exercise. This will help in keeping the joints in a moving position which will further help in reducing pain. Keeping the leg always stationary and not moving it will further worsen the condition rather than solving the problem. Hence, one must go with the option of minor exercises to keep the muscles in tone and prevent further stiffening. Managing the body weight is also an important characteristic to be considered here as being overweight can further cause issues and will not help in getting relief from the pain:
  2. Going with the option of cold-based and heat-based therapy: All the people who want relief from pain can use a heating pad by resting it on the knee as it will help in preventing the joint from stiffening. One can also wrap a gel style based cold pack on the affected area to prevent swelling. One must alternate between heat-based and cold-based. Cold must be used often during the initial 24 hours of the injury. Afterward, one can go with the option of heat pads.
  3. Using herbal-based ointments: All the ointments which are made from herbal ingredients are very much safe to use. These may include ingredients like cinnamon, sesame oil, ginger, and many more which have great effects on the pain and help to provide relief to the person suffering from it. According to research, it has been found that such creams are very much successful in providing relief from the pain.
  4. By using Willow bark: According to a study, some people who suffer from the problem of arthritis have also experienced relief in their pain by using the willow bark. This is very commonly used to treat problems like inflammation and fever. One must take proper care before using it. In case one has any allergy-related to aspirin, then one must not take it and this remedy is also not recommended for children below four years.
  5. By using the extract of Ginger: It can even be purchased from grocery stores or health food stores. This is used in various food items and can help in preventing issues like upset stomach and also is very successful to provide relief from pain in many conditions. People suffering from arthritis have constantly used Ginger as a method to get relief from the pain in combination with the already going on treatment.
  6. Using glucosamine: This is another supplement that can be used by people in pain. This is highly popular across the globe because of its properties which help in promoting the health of the joints. According to research, if this is combined with the ongoing treatment then it can provide great benefits to the people who are suffering from severe pain.
  7. 9. Using various herbs: The pain can also be reduced with the help of natural herbs like Aloe vera, cat’s claw, Green tea, and eucalyptus. These can be used in the form of oral medications and in the form of oil-based extracts to cure the pain. One must check for various allergies regarding herbs before consuming any of them. Green tea is very much popular as a beverage in the world and is well known to reduce inflammation. It can also be consumed in the form of tablets by people suffering from pain. Turmeric is another herb that can be used to get relief from this pain. It can be included in the daily diet by using it in cooking in the curries.

Before combining any of the home remedies with the already existing going on medicines, one must consult the doctor. Some of the other approaches can be to do proper massage on the affected area, yoga, acupuncture, wearing supportive based shoes, and managing a very healthy diet.

To get relief from pain, one can also go with the option of Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain provided by Torque pharmaceuticals. This Relief-On medicine can be used for curing various types of pain in the body. It is made from natural herbs and is considered to be the best Ayurvedic oil to treat joint pain. The oil is very much rich in nutrients and is considered to be a complete relief for the pains. One just has to gently massage the affected area with the only 5ML of oil. It can be used 2 to 3 times a day and is well known for reducing stiffness and energizing the whole body.

The oil comes in two packages of 50 ML and 100 ML. It includes various herbs like the Pudina, datura, jaiphal, gandhapura which are very well known for reducing inflammation and swelling. These herbs are also helpful in providing strength to the bones. This oil has to be applied externally and to be stored in a dry and cool place. It must be kept away from the reach of children. The contact with eyes must be avoided and one must use this completely as per the directions of the physician.

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