Every organ or part of the body must keep on working smoothly if you want to live your life to the fullest. If any of the organs are not working properly then you will not be able to live a happy or healthy life. That is why there is a strong need for humans to take care of their bodies instead of underestimating them. We underestimate many problems or issues that arise in our body including pain in joints. We forget to massage our joints when painting as we think it is normal. But sometimes the minor issues can become so major, and we need to prevent them.

If any time you feel pain in your bones or joints, then instead of ignoring it you must go for finding the solutions for the same. Most people may suggest you take pain killers as soon as you experience pain in your joints but frankly speaking, painkillers affect your body organs directly and harm them. Painkillers should not be consumed regularly or very often as they can affect your liver or kidneys. You must look for a natural treatment to get rid of those joint pains.

The best oil to choose to avoid joint pain is Relief On by Torque Ayurveda. All the natural herbs are mixed to make this oil so that it can treat various joint pain or problems like muscle stiffness. Instead of looking for the surgeries, you must search for ayurvedic medicine for joint pain. The joints are connected to our bones and help us to move. So, if you want to move comfortably then you must make sure that your joints are working. If you are facing pain in the joint, then it can also cause swelling in your joint if you try to move in that situation. Not only this, but muscle stiffness or soreness can also be one of the symptoms that we can experience.

If we will ignore this issue it can create a serious issue in our joint. There can be many causes behind the problem of joint pain. Some of them are:

  • Lifting heavyweight
  • Doing heavy physical activity
  • Risk of disease like gout, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.
  • No physical activity
  • The genetic issue, and so on.

There is a need to go for only natural treatment like use Relief On oil made from ayurvedic herbs that are essential for treating severe joint pain. Some of the ayurvedic herbs essential are:

  • Sesame oil: The natural oil extracted from sesame seeds is the best oil that can be used to massage your joints. There are so many nutritive properties present in sesame including minerals, copper, calcium, zinc, etc. Sesame oil can help you to stimulate the circulation of blood in the body. The bone density can be increased with the presence of zinc. The properties present in sesame oil also help in reducing inflammation or swelling in the joint. It also possesses omega-3 that is good for our bones.
  • Ajwain: Ajwain or carom seeds are the commonly found ingredient in kitchens and this ingredient is even helpful in reducing pain in joints. The anti-inflammatory properties are present in carom seeds. Ajwain can heal the pain that you are experiencing from arthritis. The anesthetic properties are also present in ajwain that can reduce severe pain. It can reduce swelling as well. You can start consuming ajwain in a daily routine or you can only use Relief On oil as ajwain is one of the ingredients of this oil.
  • Taliparna: This ayurvedic herb is also known as eucalyptus which is the most important herb to treat arthritis. The swelling caused in the joint due to stiffness can be reduced with the help of taliparna. This oil can treat internal injuries, back pain, knee pain, etc. This oil is also used in many ointments made to relieve joint pain or arthritis.
  • Lavang: Lavang is also known as cloves and is widely used in Indian dishes. This is one of the spices that can be found in your kitchen. There are some natural chemicals present in cloves that can ease the pain. You can also add this herb to your diet by adding it in soups, making a hot drink or tea, or can add it in your smoothie, and so on. It can reduce the inflammation in your joint that is causing pain.
  • Dhatura: The parts of dhatura plants including leaves, fruits, flowers, stems, etc. are useful in many ways. It is used in making many medications and even to perform therapies. Dhatura is also used to provide relief from pain during bone surgery. Many other health benefits are also offered by dhatura including treatment of fever, medicine for sound sleep, good skin health, healthy heart, and so on. It can even boost your immunity. In Relief On oil, dhatura is one of the important herbs. In arthritis or during muscle spasms, dhatura can be proved to be very helpful. This means you can get relief from your swelling or pain in joint pain with this herb.
  • Karpura: Karpura is also known as camphor and is used to relieve the pain in bones. The camphor includes many anti-arthritis, anti-rheumatic, anti-phlogistic properties good for your joint pain. If you are feeling the strain in your joints, then Karpura can be very helpful. It can reduce the various aches in muscles or bones. You don’t have to prepare anything special as you can get all these benefits by just applying for Relief On oil on the affected area.
  • Pudina: Pudina or mint is also one of the ayurvedic herbs that can solve your problem of joint pain or arthritis. It can even cure nerve damage as proved by a study. It can make a cooling effect on your skin that will take away the inflammation or pain. They are having pain-killing properties present and that is why it is very helpful. You may be thinking of how to make use of Pudina to get rid of joint pain or stiffness so here is the answer as you don’t have to worry. You can only use Relief On oil which is already having pudina in it.
  • Gandhapura: You may have not heard much about this ayurvedic herb, but it is very helpful for relieving joint pain. Any kind of pain associated with your muscle or joint can be treated with this herb. Back pain, knee pain, stiffness, sprains, swellings, etc can be solved with this herb. You can massage with this oil to get rid of pain, swelling, or whatever you are facing.

So, these are the herbs that can be used as an ayurvedic treatment for arthritis, joint pain, muscle stiffness, etc. The Relief On oil can provide you relief from every kind of chronic pain with just a massage. It will have its long-term impact on your body as the ingredients are supernatural. Either you are facing pain in the toe, hands, muscle, elbow, joints, or muscle stiffness, strain, you can use this oil on the affected area. It can give extra energy to your body and can be used two or three times as required.

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