Cough is one tedious thing that can make anyone feel annoyed and angry. Do you do anything about the cough? Many folks do not even consider the problem of cough unless it turns out to be grave. Usually, a cough takes place because of extreme allergies, viral, fever, dust, or an ailment but sometimes, it could be a sign of something graver, something even life-threatening. You need to be considerate about your throat if you are not already.

What about cough in toddlers and kids?

In case you are not careful about your cough, are you concerned about the health of your kids? Indeed, you cannot leave your children suffering because of a cough. Poor they, cough can make them feel sick and tired. You can begin giving them natural herbs for cough and ensure that they end up naturally healing their cough. After all, you cannot just give them anything or everything for comforting them. You need to be thoughtful about everything you give to your child for cough. Moreover, you cannot assume that the cough is going to go on its own. Sometimes it does but most of the time it doesn’t. Especially in the instance of kids, you should take a proper step sooner than you think.

As the immune system of your beloved children is not too developed and is naive, you cannot take a chance. You need to make sure that your child takes the proper syrup or any stuff that heals the throat. Cough can turn out to be worst in case you leave it for longer times. There are also instances when babies get cough and cold but elders hesitate to give them medicines. In such times, what can be done is you can embrace the cough home remedies or herbal cough syrup for their health. Certainly, there are so many home remedies too that can work on your health like wonders.

Get Steamy Air 

Try to keep yourself warm via steamy air. You know inhaling moist air is very helpful in loosening the mucus in nasal passages. And also keep in mind that a warm bath can also be completely relaxing as well. Here what you can do is, in case you have a cool-mist vaporizer, or any humidifier makes proper use of it at night and during naps in the bedroom. You can also try out a hot shower run for yourself few minutes. You can give your little one also the same and also give him or her a quick warm bath or just sit with him in a steamy bathroom for some moments. You would see that it works like wonders.

Proper Rest 

If you think that just medicines can heal your child, then you are wrong. Whether you or your kids, even the best herbal syrups can do nothing in case your child is not taking good rest. Ah, it seems easy to you, right? Well, it is not at all easy to make your little one sleep conveniently. But if you feel successful at it, you just made a feat! You know fighting an allergy, infection or even cough takes a lot of energy and might tire up a child out. So, once your little one is resting, he or she is recovering, and this rest is most crucial.

Here in case, you are finding it challenging to make your child sleep or you are finding it hard to sleep yourself because of cough, just engage in his favorite activity such as you can tell the child a story and play some good music and the child would sleep. You must understand that when the cough is all over the place, it gets really hard to sleep well. So, if you want that the herbs or the medicines work well, rest is sure for everyone suffering from cough.

Consume Water (For six months or above)

In case your little one or toddler is six months old or above; water can be really helpful for his healing. Yes, consuming plenty of fluids proves to be very helpful in averting dehydration, flushes, and even also thins the nasal oozes. In case you don’t know what should be done here, just get a proper drink that your child relishes. But you know plain water is perfect but your little one may hesitate to take it. So, you need to be tricky to ensure that your child takes water for better healing.

What are the prominent signs of cough? 

An individual who suffers from cough can encounter the following signs:

– Frequent dry cough

– Fever

– Burning sensation or suffocation in the chest

– Dryness in their mouth, immense thirst, bitter taste

– Irritability

– Phlegm or sputum production

– Ache in the region of heart, temples, head, abdomen, sides

– Sore throat, or even hoarseness of voice

– Weariness or weakness

– Nausea after consuming food.

– Challenges in swallowing food

When you come across these signs in your child you can easily begin giving him or her ayurvedic herbs for cough that is made up of herbs. You know what, such an herb will work wonderfully for the child.

What are the reasons for cough?

A few of the chief causes of cough are such as Sinusitis, suppression of extreme vomiting, respiratory tract infections, Pneumonia, and even inflammation because of irritants or allergens. The last reason is the general one! Once dry coughs are boosted by prolonged exposure to high pollution-levels, dust, even allergy, and toxic smoke (such as cigarettes) it is known as ‘Vataja Kasa’ in the realm of Ayurveda. To guard against this disease, your respiratory system should encompass a robust immunity but with poor nutrition, uneven lifestyle, and in the presence of increasing environmental toxicity, it is tough for the body to fight back.

A Good Syrup is a Must 

You must try out Torex cough syrup for you or your child. It is going to work properly for the throat. The syrup is an Ayurvedic mixture that is formed for getting relief from cough. The herbal medicine is created up of specially chosen twenty natural herbs. The syrup may be taken up by kids as well as adults and it is because it is safe for everyone.

One thing that you need to be careful about is that this syrup needs to be consumed with a glass of lukewarm water. The syrup is packed with the benefits of Tulsi and honey. Anyone suffering from a wet cough, dry cough, even whooping cough, allergic rhinitis, and acute or chronic bronchitis may take advantage of the herbal cough syrup. As there are herbals in the syrup, it is safe and effective and never triggers any health problem.


So, it is time that you take care of your cough and fight it with herbs. No matter your kids or you or anyone in the family; herbs can ensure the absence of cough. These days, since people are too much concerned about the side effects and they so hesitant to take up medicines. Amidst it, ayurvedic products with herbs are safer and the best option.

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