Pippali: Indian Long Pepper And Its Powerful Health Benefits

Long pepper is also known as Pippali or Indian long pepper. It is a native of India. It is basically a flowering vine of the Piperaceae family. Its fruit is later dried for making a spice of seasoning. It’s binomial or botanical name is Piper longum. The fruit very much looks alike to a finger with spikes all over it. It has similar properties of black pepper but it is hotter. It can also be used as an alternate of black pepper in your diet. It is less oily. This slender aromatic climber mostly grows in the warmer parts of India, Uttar-Pradesh, lower hills of West Bengal, and Central parts of Himalayas to Assam, Western Ghats, and Andhra Pradesh. The fruit of pepper contains many minuscule fruits of about each size similar to a poppy seed rooted on surface of a spike. The fruit is more beneficial and active when it’s unripe. Piper retrofractum is another popular species of Pippali. It is native to Indonesian city-Java. People usually confuse with chili peppers and fruits of this plant that belong to the genus of capsicum.

Long pepper came into eyes in reference from old textbooks of Ayurveda. Whole description is described with details in old textbooks of Ayurveda as Vajikarna and Rasayana.

  • Vajikarnaor VrishyaChikitsais subject related to aphrodisiacs and improving the health of progeny.
  • PippaliRasayana is a treatment where the Pippali powder is given with milk in a required dose. This is taken for liver and spleen disorders.

According to Ayurveda, it is also known as Tridoshic herb because of its versatility that makes it suitable for all body types. Its usage started in the 16thcentury. It is used in some European cuisines to add a unique flavor to them and can be mostly found in Indian foods, some Nepalese vegetable pickles, and African spices mixture and in Malaysian and Indonesian dishes.  It is the most favorite spice of Indian kitchens. It is easily available in the market by the name of Pippali. It is the most important spice of Pakistani national dishes and Lucknow situated in India.

The fruit of Indian long pepper is used in many medicines and sometimes in combination with other herbs in ayurvedic medicines. Modern-day doctors also recommend long pepper by looking to its beneficial properties. It contains a chemical called piperine that has the capability to fight parasites that spread infections. Our kitchen is a treasure of ingredients that are considered best home remedies. Regular uses of Pippali in daily life are suggested to maintain a healthy lifestyle to some extent. It is very good for health and provides us the solution for many problems. You can also observe noticeable Pippali health benefits in yourself with time. It has a cure for respiratory problems, diabetes, dengue, liver issues, insomnia, cancer, arthritis, blood pressure, gastrointestinal tract and many more. This all is possible by the presence of antimicrobial properties in it.

It is also used for treating anemia and leprosy. It performs anti-tubercular activities which prove that it can be used for the treatment of tuberculosis. A lot of people are suffering from insomnia these days because of life full of stress and hectic schedules. Proper sleep is much needed as an imbalance in sleep can lead to other health issues like weak eyesight, headache, and migraine. According to Ayurveda, powdered Pippali added in milk along with a tablespoon of honey is the best remedy for insomniacs. No clinical studies have found similar actions done so far in humans. Long pepper has also abilities to increase memory power. Snake and scorpion bites can also be treated. People who are disturbed by their fat can also lose their weight just by a few home remedies by adding Pippali to it. The best part of it is that it’s all-natural and does not have any side effects. It not only reduces body fat but also helps in maintaining the lipid levels in the body. According to a study, long pepper is considered a perfect remedy for cancer because of anticancer properties and piperine in it. Piperlongumine is a chemical compound existing in it that acts as an antitumor activity by deregulating the expression of a human gene that is usually over voiced in tumors. Long pepper also enhances sexual strength. Many products are available in markets that are to be mixed with Pippali.  The powdered root and fruit are a remedy for many problems.

Coughing can be serious at times. You need to study your cough by its signs and consult a doctor. Coughing is caused by a virus and may last a few days till a week. If it takes a long time then you may consult a doctor as soon as possible. Whooping cough can even kill someone as breath stops and a person suffers from brain damage. Coughing gets worse by dry air aggregates entering in nose and throat. Coughing can also act as the worst nightmare at night because of lying flat on the bed. Pippali for cough, asthma, and bronchitis is considered a perfect home remedy. Trying an expectorant can also make you feel better of cough. You can also go for Torexsyrup for your sore throat problems as bad throat issues take time to heal by home remedies.It can give you immediate relief. Honey and Pippali can also be taken for the sour throat. 0.5 to 1grams can be taken once or twice a day usually after meals. The fine powder is taken with warm water 3-4grams in a dose for the splenic disorder. Typical doses may vary to each problem.

It is better to be on a safer side and avoiding consuming it if someone is in pregnancy or breastfeeding stage. The appropriate dosage is suggested as overdose can lead to many issues. It can be itchy to skin that can cause allergies. A dose of Pippali depends on the age of a user, health and other conditions. Consuming overdose of anything can lead to various unwanted issues so it is better to know all the consequences first and then use it.