There are many natural ways to make your immune system stronger and having dry nuts is one of them. When we talk about the dry nuts, then it’s almost impossible to ignore the popular superfood-Almonds. We have always heard from our elders about the benefits of eating Badam (Indian name of almonds) whether soaked or dry. That’s because almonds contain several minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fiber which truly makes it a super nut. Today in this article, we are going to talk about why they are so special and how almonds help in boosting our immune system. So, without any delay, let’s start.

Why almonds are so special?

Almonds are not a type of nuts; rather these are a type of seeds. Almonds may be available in various forms, whether raw or roasted, sprouted or unsprouted, sweet, or salty. No matter in which form it is available to you, but one thing is certain that this satisfying and crunchy nut is many people’s favorite healthy snacks. Almonds are preferred by all those people who want guilt-free snacking options. It is a not-so-boring nut option as almonds come in some different sizes, colors, and shapes. You can munch on some almonds while reading or working and it literally takes no time.

Another thing which makes almonds more special is that they have a perfect nutritional profile which healthy food should have. Usually, an ounce of almonds(28 grams) contains the following major health benefiting nutrients:

  • 5 grams of fiber
  • 6 grams of proteins
  • 14 grams of good fats
  • 37% of Daily Recommended Intake (DRI) of Vitamin E
  • 32% of DRI of Manganese
  • 20% of DRI of Magnesium
  • Other than these, almonds are a rich source of Vitamin B2, Copper, and phosphorus.

It is very rare to find a perfect blend of all these nutrients in a single natural food, which makes almonds a star of the nuts. Apart from these, almonds are also rich in phytic acid, which is a healthy antioxidant. This antioxidant protects our cells from oxidative damage, which is one of the main reasons for aging. Almonds can be eaten on empty stomachs, which makes the absorption of its nutrients even faster.

Moreover, almonds can be taken in many forms. One delicious option is having almond milk, which is much popular among kids and it can be used as an alternative to cow’s milk for children. Another very useful option is to consume the almond oil directly or using it for external use such as skin massage. Almonds are usually of two types-Bitter and sweeter. Sweet almonds are used for direct consumption, while the bitter almonds, which have the same nutritional value as the sweet almonds have, are used to make the almond oil which also has a lot of benefits.

Health benefits of Almonds

Following are the main health benefits of almonds which boosts our immune system:

  • Controls blood sugar: Almonds, as said earlier, are rich in healthy fats, proteins, and fiber and are low in carbs which makes them a good eating option for diabetes patients.
  • Good for brain: Similar to popular belief, almonds are assured to increase the mental focus and memory power if consumed regularly. Almonds have Riboflavin and L-carnitine which are the most vital brain nutrients. This is why almonds are said to be the best brain booster for children.
  • Good for skin health: It is suggested by many doctors to massage the skin, especially, that of babies, with almond oil as it not only makes it super soft but also gives it a natural glow. Thus, it eliminates the need for many chemical loaded cosmetic products.
  • Great for hair: Usage of almond oil for hair chumpy or even the consumption of almonds can result in strong, shiny, and healthy hair as it provides hair all the nutrients which it needs to keep up their health.
  • Helps in controlling cholesterol levels: consumption of almonds regularly can help in lowering the cholesterol level in the human body, according to many recent studies. This is because it significantly increases the level of Vitamin E in the body stream, which stabilizes the cholesterol level.
  • Helps in fighting cancer: Many studies have proved that almonds can reduce the chances of breast cancer by 2-3 times in average women.
  • Prevents us from heart diseases: Eating almonds can also prevent many heart diseases from us as it helps in improving the regular blood flow of the body.
  • Helps in managing weight: As almonds are high in Fibre and low in carbohydrates, eating even an ounce of almonds makes people feel fuller for a long time, which reduces their chances of taking more calories after that.

Good for depression patients: Eating some almonds daily can help in fighting depression and anxiety as almonds have a unique mineral component called selenium, which is scientifically proven to fight the hormones responsible for anxiety and depression. 

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, there are numerous other benefits of almonds for the human body and mind. Almonds are also used as a solution to some other health issues like constipation, coughs, respiratory disorders, etc.

No doubt, almonds are one of the best foods which a person can have to keep the immune system in the best possible condition. But what is important is the actual involvement of this natural food in our daily life, which is sometimes difficult for many people due to their fast-busy daily routine. In such a case, using almond oil makes things a bit easier. Almond oil has the same health benefit as almonds have. Almond oil is easier for our bodies to digest and absorb. That’s why Badam Rogan is suggested by many people for those who find it difficult to indulge almonds in their daily diet. Badam Rogan is consumed by many people by mixing some drops of it hot milk at night as it is considered the most convenient way to reap badam health benefits.

If nature has blessed us with such a health enriching thing, then we should also use it to make ourselves and our families more well-immune against all the potential diseases which we can have in the future. Only then we can make our society a more prosperous place to live in.

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