It is quite obvious for people of all ages to fall sick or to contract some kind of disease at some point in time in their lives. Billions around the globe are suffering from some ailment or the other. Herbal based treatment has been practiced for centuries now and is still among the most reliable forms of treatment. Honey is considered to be a wonderful ingredient that is being used to treat different types of health issues and diseases. One can use honey for cough and cold as it is proven to offer respite and is a wonderful remedy. It does contain carbohydrates that get converted directly into glucose to offer the body much-needed energy.

How honey can be used to treat cough & cold?

Honey is known to comprise anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, which when consumed regularly can help promote and strengthen the immune system. It does offer a soothing effect on the throat and can treat common cold and cough.

Giving honey to treat cold and cough is an age-old medicinal practice that is followed by grandmothers and mothers. It does have several beneficial medicinal properties. Since flu and cold might infect in any season, honey can be used in various ways to fix the situation. If unwell, honey can be an amazing idea for treatment purposes, as it is natural and completely safe. The following are the ways by which honey can be used to soothe cold and cough.

  • Dry ginger and honey: Take ginger powder about half a teaspoon and mix with one teaspoon honey. It can be beneficial to cure a cold and cough. Ginger does come with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Honey and ginger are considered to be a great combination and when consumed does help to treat cough much quickly.
  • Raw honey: It comprises suction and anti-bacterial features. Hence, before going to sleep at night, one should consume a spoonful of honey. Mucus will create a coating upon the membrane, thus offering immense relief to sore throat and cold & cough problems.
  • Honey and lemon: Take some hot water and mix in its honey and lemon juice and consume the mixture. It does offer immediate relief to cold and cough. Lemon has Vitamin C while antibacterial properties are present in honey. So, drinking this concoction can be useful to cure coughs.
  • Honey and black pepper: Take honey of one spoonful and mix it with some black pepper powder. This will help to reduce cold and cough and also soothe problems related to chest infections.
  • Garlic and honey: Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. One teaspoon of honey, when mixed with garlic paste of one spoon, will prove to be beneficial to treat cold and cough.

Why honey is preferred over antibiotics?

Over the counter, medicines are not preferred by many as it is found mostly to be created from chemical ingredients. With honey being available naturally, it is indeed a wonderful alternative for antibiotics. If the person experiences cough more than what is normal, then it is quite natural to choose an antibiotic medicine to treat this issue. But the truth is that doing so will not appear to be as effective as assumed to be.

Experts do opine that it is possible to treat coughs quickly in just a few days, without actually prescribing antibiotics. In case, the person has a sore throat, cough, and runny nose, then it is likely to subside in a week or two. But if the symptoms are found to just worsen with time, then it will be necessary to consult a qualified and experienced physician to find out the best available remedy for the ailment. If the person has developed a pre-existing condition like cystic fibrosis or lung disease or acute cough, then consulting the doctor will be a wise decision.

Certain honey including alternative mediations like Torex Syrup can be availed without requiring a prescription and to get relief from cough as it is created with specific remedial ingredients.

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