Tulsi, also known as “Tulasi,” or “Holy Basil,” is an herb used in Ayurveda, and some herbal tea and tea blends. The tulsi plant is a close family member of gastronomic basil, but it is distinguished by its medicinal properties and several physical characteristics. There are several types of Tulsi plants:

  • Krishna Tulsi: This is a purple plant with a clove-like smell and peppery flavor.
  • Rama Tulsi: This is green tulsi with light mauve flowers and a perfumed, clove-like smell and mellower flavor.
  • Vana Tulsi: This is a light green, bright tulsi plant that grows naturally and is native to several areas of North and East Africa and the Asian continent. It has an additional lemony flavor and aroma.

Tulsi is known to have many health benefits and to know about them, it is essential to go through the post. It has medicinal properties and is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. It has proved to fight viral and bacterial infections. Tulsi plant has analgesic anti-provocative and antimicrobial elements. It is said that only keeping the plant within or just outside the house can safeguard the residents from a cough and cold. It is ideal to have it in the form of tea. It can also be used as a flavoring agent in food. Here are some tulsi health benefits

Reduce stress and anxiety

All parts of tulsi act as an adaptogen, which is a natural substance that assists your body to become accustomed to stress and endorses mental balance. The idea of an adaptogen is a holistic approach. But scientific research shows that tulsi has pharmacological properties to assist your mind deal with several types of stress. As per recent research, it has been found that tulsi has anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties which help in reducing stress and anxiety.

Safeguard against infection and treat wounds

Extracts made from tulsi leaves are thought to improve wound healing speed and strength. This is because tulsi is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and analgesic. Individuals even use tulsi after surgical procedures to heal and take care of the wounds. This herb increases your wound’s healing time, breaking strength, and contraction. Tulsi can work against wounds and infections such as keloids, mouth ulcers, acne, and raised scars.

Arouse and vitalize your body

Tulsi is also high in antioxidants and assists your body detox. It has been found that this herb can protect your body against toxic chemicals. It can also stop cancer by decreasing the growth of cancerous cells.

Reduce your Blood Sugar

If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, all parts of the tulsi plant can assist decrease your blood sugar. This herb can assist prevent symptoms of diabetes such as hyperinsulinemia, weight gain, high cholesterol, or hypertension. You should consult with your doctor before adding tulsi to your diet. If you are already taking medications to control blood sugar, it might reduce your blood sugar levels even more.

Ease joint pain and inflammation

Think about being able to deal with anxiety, stress, and inflammation with a soothing cup of tea made with the leaves of tulsi. As an adaptogen with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this herb provides all of these benefits. It can even assist people with fibromyalgia or arthritis.

Reduce your cholesterol

As tulsi targets metabolic stress, it can also help with cholesterol levels and weight loss. It lowers stress-induced cholesterol levels and bad cholesterol. One can see a reduction of total cholesterol in the liver, kidney, or heart after consuming tulsi leaves.

Kidney Stone

Tulsi has an amplification effect on the kidney. If there is stone, taking a mix of honey and tulsi leaves the juice regularly for six months helps push out the stones through the urinary tract.

Aids indigestion

It works as an appetizer and promotes digestion by assists in the secretion of digestive enzymes. The eugenol present in the leaves guarantees anti-inflammatory action in the digestive tract. Tulsi helps balance acid within the body and repairs the proper pH level of the body.

Helps in preventing Acne

Tulsi assists kill infections and bacteria. The primary active compound of tulsi oil is eugenol which assists fight skin-related disorders. Eugenol assists treat skin infections both internally and externally. You can make a paste of sandalwood paste, tulsi leaves, and rose water. Apply the paste on your face and let it sit down for twenty minutes. Wash it off with cold water? This will help you in getting clean and radiant skin.

Reduces Fever

Tulsi decreases body temperature, so it is useful during fever. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties that assist it to fight off infections. This results in a gradual decrease in fever.

Thus, it can be said that Tulsi is a wonder herb. It is anti-carcinogenic and has been confirmed to assist decrease rheumatism, labor pains, and urinary infections, and even annihilates worms in the stomach. You can consume the leaves on an empty stomach or add in your food.

These are some of the benefits that tulsi leaves an offer.

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