Nowadays, people suffer from different types of cough such as dry cough or wet cough. These coughs if not treated on time can cause a viral infection resulting in fever. Due to this problem, a person may need to take off from work for at least 4-5 days. Wet cough causes congestion in the chest as well as nose. A dry cough is more common among people. It is regarded as a non-productive cough as it doesn’t produce any kind of mucus or phlegm. It is a reflex action that clears the airway of mucus and irritants. Dry cough may cause a tickling sensation in the throat which can be irritating sometimes. A dry cough is not a major cause of concern but if it is persistent, it needs to be checked.

  • Asthma – It is a condition in which your airways become narrow due to swelling. Coughing helps in determining asthma, as it is the main symptom of Asthma. You need to take precautions and go to the doctor for the check-up.
  • Viral Infection – When you are infected with the virus which causes the common cold, it also causes coughing. After a viral illness, post cough problems irritate the most as your airway is more sensitive.
  • Smoking – Toxins while smoking a cigarette or hookah are inhaled in the lungs which irritate the nose. These toxins are released with the help of coughing because toxins present in the lungs cause inflammation.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease – It is caused when stomach acid refluxes and flows back to the esophagus resulting in extreme coughing. In simple language, it is also known as acid reflux. This problem is faced by many people of any age.
  • Environmental Irritants – The main causes are dust, pollution, smoke, pollen, and mold. Chemical particles present in the air can also cause dry cough. If you are allergic to dust or pollution, you should change your address to a place which does not have these problems.
  • Bronchitis – It generally occurs after the cold and flu. First of all dry cough occurs and if it is prolonged it turns into a wet cough.

One of the solutions to treat dry cough caused by several problems mentioned above is the Tulsi herb. Tulsi for dry cough is very suitable because of its medicinal effects. Tulsi is a member of the family of mint which has various medicinal benefits including curing dry cough. It also possesses analgesic and antiseptic properties. Consumption of tulsi in various forms can treat various lung diseases.

Benefits of Tulsi taken in various forms during cold and coughs –

  • Decongestant Action – Bronchial airway passage can be cleared with the consumption of extracts of Tulsi. This study was firstly done on animals and scientists got super positive results.
  • Soothes Throat – Sore throat caused during cold and cough can be smoothed with the help of tulsi. You just need to warm water with 2-3 leaves of tulsi in it. It gives relief to the sore throat. Tulsi leaves have the properties of an adaptogen. Adaptogen helps in relieving stress after a long day of work.
  • Reduces Phlegm – Respiratory problems related to cough and cold can be reduced with the consumption of tulsi because it liquefies the mucus thing which can be extracted out by proper cleaning. All parts of tulsi including leaves, seeds, and roots can be used for treatment as all have various medicinal benefits.
  • Improves Immunity – Tulsi leaves consumption on empty stomach boosts immunity. Tulsi can be consumed daily but only in the morning to avail immunity-boosting benefits.
  • Minor throat infections treatment – You need to inhale steam generated from the mixture of Tulsi and hot water to relieve throat infections. Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it can relieve various infections easily.
  • Treats Fever – Fever can be treated with juice extracted from tulsi leaves. High fever can be brought down with this remedy.

People still trust home remedies for treating cough and cold before going to the doctor. Because in India, we feel that we can treat anything by ourselves. After the problem gets worse, then we go to see a doctor. There is another home remedy which is the consumption of honey with the addition of tulsi leaves. The combination of these two items can relieve seasonal cough. You need to chew 3-4 leaves of tulsi before and take a teaspoon of honey. Then you need to wait for at least 15 minutes before you drink any liquid or water. You also have to wait for breakfast for at least 30 mins after having this compound as it will interfere with the properties of them.

Toxin or pollutants in the air are the main causes of dry cough. Some natural treatments or home remedies can treat this kind of cough. Let us discuss the main causes of dry cough in detail:

  • How the combination of these two works – Tulsi has immunomodulatory properties, which boosts the immune system helping in fighting infections and also the prevention it. Expectorant compounds present in it relieve chest congestion. Honey has antibacterial and antiviral properties that prevent viral and bacterial infections. The soothing effect is also imparted on the walls of the esophagus. Kids can also take this combination on an empty stomach.

Other than these home remedies, it is very convenient to cure or prevent coughs with Torex syrup. This tulsi syrup for cough helps in boosting immunity as well as treating various problems related to cough. This syrup is made from 20 natural herbs which are an Ayurvedic formulation. All age groups from children to old can consume this syrup as it is safe for consumption. This syrup must be consumed in combination with lukewarm water. This syrup is mainly made of a combination of honey and tulsi. It treats whooping cough, dry cough, wet cough, and chronic or acute bronchitis. This syrup should be stored in a dark, cool, and dry place. You need to shake it well before its consumption. For adults, it is recommended to take about 2 tsps., 3-4 times in a day with lukewarm water and for children half tsp with lukewarm water. Frequency remains the same as adults.


Our life has become too busy. We don’t have time to do home remedies for coughs. The best is to have a cough syrup like Torex cough syrup which has various medicinal benefits. Tulsi, as a plant is worshipped in India. It is sacred for us and the consumption of it has various health benefits. In addition to its benefits related to cough, tulsi has various other benefits like the healing power of tulsi is highly admired. The combination of tulsi leaves with honey if taken for at least 6 months can remove kidney stones also. Cholesterol can also be reduced to some extent with regular consumption of tulsi. Fresh juice of tulsi can also be applied to affected areas of insect bites. Various skin and teeth disorders can also be treated with Tulsi. Headaches and eye disorders can also be treated with the consumption of tulsi.

These are some of the benefits of tulsi. To date, the study is going on in various universities or laboratories regarding other benefits of this herb. So what are you waiting for? If you are suffering from cough and cold, try the home remedies or have tulsi and honey syrup to solve the problem swiftly.

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